Monday, June 25, 2007

Camping Out

This weekend we had our first family campout since moving back to Utah and it was terrific! After a day swimming at Bear Lake, we headed back up Logan Canyon and found a beautiful spot to set up our gigantic tent. Anna and Quinn enjoyed collecting firewood and picking their Momma every wildflower they could find, and we had tin foil dinners, roasted marshmallow Peeps, and cozied up around a toasty fire. It was so much fun to see the kids so excited and we hope this is the first of many outdoor family adventures this summer!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Baby Rupper

Here is the first peek at our Christmas present-everyone knows I can't resist opening and rewrapping gifts and an unborn baby is no different-I wanna see it as soon as possible!!! I had this ultrasound done last Tuesday, the baby's head is on the left side and looks to have gigantic eyeballs like it's Mom! Yes, it's the little alien creature in the middle of the black peanut shape-which is my uterus. Yep, that's my uterus-just wait until after the thing is delivered and I try to get you to see my actual uterus on the c-section video! They pull the whole thing out and hand clean it! Brett got it all on tape with Quinn's delivery and much to his embarrassment, I showed the footage to anyone who'd see it-it was pretty awesome! You'll have to visit me in person to see the video though, don't think I'd actually post it online!!!
Anyway, my official due date is December 25th-no joke-but my doctor said he'd try to get me delivered, home, and feeling decent in time to celebrate Christmas with my family. Which means I better start my holiday shopping now since I'll be too preoccupied to do any last minute trips to the store.
Well, this is all there is to share about the baby now. More updates to come. . .

Monday, June 4, 2007

Escalante National Monument

Over Memorial Day Weekend Brett and I met up with Jill, Dave, and Lindsay (Dave's really cute girlfriend) to backpack into Escalante. After our first trip to Coyote Gulch we were drawn back to the area and we weren't disappointed! We chose a different hike this time and although the dirt road drive down to our sweet spot was a brain jiggler, the hike was perfect and we found a great secluded spot to set up camp and spend the night.
Here Jill and I are showing off our sexy socks-and-sandals look. You can never look too good while camping and yeah, we looked good. Smelled great too!!!