Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Izzy Bear

These are for Caralee...

I went up to check on my Girl yesterday after putting her down for a rest and found her curled up with her new bear pillow, compliments of Aunt Caralee and Uncle Steve. Isn't this so cute? She's like a little bear cub! I ran to get the camera because this girl doesn't really get too many pictures taken of her, and because all too soon I'll forget her as my little baby. Gosh, I love this baby! Izzy is such a cuddlebug and she thrives on kisses and hugs, she will go back and forth between Momma and Daddy to get snuggled as much as she can. She isn't too vocal-odd for one of my kids, but she sure has a smile that lights up any room!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Random December photos

Ashley, Taylor, and me dogpiled on Santa

This is a picture from the shooting outing-it's always a good time to shoot crap up!
Even Anna got in on the action!
Somehow I can never get the pictures in chronological order. This is from Izzy's 1st birthday. Ain't she cute!?!
Here are my boys while seeing the lights on temple square.
Oh yes, and here is a photo for the album-Mom and Dad posing with the much hated living room lamp. Sure wish I took an after picture of this thing for Mom, she would've loved it!
Izzy and G.G. sharing some time alone. Also, sharing some Pepsi-yeah Mom, I saw ya!
Oh yeah, and In and Out Burger...so good.
Here is the line up of the "best in show" for 2008. Caralee's sweater had a light feature, Dad's had a glittery nativity, Steve's had some killer shoulderpads, Brett creepin' me out in how comfortable he was in his floral, and Kristy in a beaded beaut.
It's hard to see in this shot, but this is one good lookin' group. Who wouldn't be proud to be seen in public with these bedazzled holiday enthusiasts!?!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Wordy December Highlights...

Just when I have some time to post some pictures, blogger won't let me do it. Fine. I don't care, I'll just say bad things about you, useless crappy blogger!

I will give a few highlights of the past month, although words couldn't possibly tell you about the beauties who won the Bradshaw Family Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest. I guess pictures couldn't really relay just how good In And Out Burger was either, but we did go twice while in Nevada just to savor the tasty goodness of a restaurant we don't even have in our zip code. We spent Christmas this year at my parents' house and it was good to see the fam and to share in the quirky traditions we've established over the years. We did go shooting and even got Mom out of the car to take a few shots at the living room lamp that she's loathed since the day she moved into the house. There was, of course, Chinese food, a pinata, white elephant gifts, and this year the parents even did a shopping spree where each of us got money, a certain amount of time to spend it, and a chance at a prize for spending right to the penny. Needless to say that Dad's accounting skills might be genetic-we split the prize money between 6 or 7 of us! It made for a really fun trip, especially for me because I got away from the kids a few times to shop just for me, rare. We all had a good time though and it's always so much fun to see the fam, play games, have laughs, and sit around in pjs without a place to go or a thing to do. Thanks Mom and Dad! Thanks to all the aunts and uncles for all the big noisy toys too, we've FINALLY just gotten them put away, but don't think we won't hold onto them for your future kids...nah, there'll be bigger noisier toys to get for them!

In addition to another crazy Christmas, Izzy turned 1 this past month. My little baby is still little, but won't be the baby for long, as we are coming to terms with the fact that she's gonna be a big sister come July. Yep, #4 is in the oven! I do say "coming to terms" because I did just get back into my prebaby jeans after working out all year and petty as you may think it is, I'm kinda bummed to go back to wearing elastic waisted pants, sexy as they might be. I am happy to get to have another little guy though, and kinda flattered that God thinks that I can handle having 4 kids under the age of 6, He has some sense of humor! I've always thought we'd have four kids but the timing of this one caught me by surprise. I'm mostly nervous I think though because I don't know how I'm going to handle ever leaving the house with four kids. I start to panic about the cost of things and the hurricane disaster my house has become, but then when I hear Anna and Quinn laughing and playing together, and when I see them hugging and saying, "we're best friends, we're best friends!" I think about how Izzy and her little brother or sister will be the same and how worth it it'll be to have another little giggling voice, another baking buddy, another dog in the dogpile, another face lit up when he or she sees her Daddy at the end of the day, another look from Brett of utter love as he lays with a curled up baby sleeping on his chest and I think, "Yeah, I think we can handle another blessing around here."