Monday, March 29, 2010

A Few Highs and Lows..

High: being told randomly today by this girl that I was the best Mom ever. (she only throws words that strong around when she wants something! I may or may not have been shopping for Easter dresses for her at the time but I'll take it!)

Low: I'm not naming names, but someone ate what was to be my late night snack. I only bought one box of these babies because I knew I'd eat them all and someone beat me to it. Low. That was just low. Low. Low.

High: Holding a sleeping baby. One who looks just like my favorite man. Mmmm.

Low: My Izzy is losing her baby fat and becoming a grown up girl. I'm just not ready for that yet!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Top Ten Highlights from our " To Nevada and Back in a Weekend" weekend:
#10 this foxy little dog whose owner actually circled us a few times in the gas station to make sure we could see his fancy canine.
#9 a jumbo sized box of Junior Mints Brett bought me
#8 looking through my Mom's cupboards in awe at all of the food, my usual routine
#7 bringing home all of the chocolate croissants and other Trader Joe's goods my Mom bought for me, she knows what a girl needs!
#6 being away from my older 3 kids, thanks to Nana and Papa!
#5 soaking in the hot tub and visiting with the fam
#4 not having to eat at McDonalds for an entire roadtrip
#3 In N Out Burger
#2 getting a sweet new minivan which fits my hoard of offspring
#1 meeting my sweet new niece Jordyn, "Baby Jordy" for the first time. Tina, you're lucky to have her because she REALLY wanted to come home with me!