Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Few Simple Things

I'm sure that we each have a mental list of things that would make the world a better place for us. I was just in the shower doing my deep thinking, and yes sadly, this is generally as deep as it gets for me, and here are a few items that would really blow my skirt up:

  • Baskin Robbins quality peanut butter and chocolate ice cream in my grocer's freezer section. Well, better yet, in a bowl, in my hand.
  • nightgowns without lace and embroidered flowers, with sleeves, and in colors and prints other than floral pastels-ugh!
  • clothing that doesn't pinch me off mid-abdomen, doesn't need to be pulled back up or yanked back down, doesn't fit like a tent, and again, in colors that don't make me want to gag
  • a complimentary brazilian bikini wax with c-section (administered following anesthesia of course) Seriously doctors, this would save our husbands from the humiliation of hearing us retell our pre-op horror stories. Yeah, you kinda wanna hear, but then you don't huh?
  • a sort of "get out of jail free" card but one that allows me to get out of the next ten weeks instead. God, if you're reading, this would really be a good incentive if you think about it. Hand one of those out occasionally and you'd get a lot more people signing up to accept the babies you have waiting around up there!
  • Another thing, a "go-go gadget" chocolate milk dispensing finger would be pretty awesome. One that dispenses mocha frappaccinos, and another that dispenses Dr. Pepper...mmm..now we're talking.
  • Also, I'd love an ice dispenser that shoots out the little pebble ice. You know, the crunchy ice pellets you get at Pizza Hut!? Yeah, I worked at a call center for 2 years JUST because they had one of those ice dispensers. Why can't Whirlpool make a home model with one of these?
  • Playdough flesh. Wouldn't it be terrific if we could squish our bodies around to be different shapes? For tonight I'd move my turtle shell to my back so I could sleep on my belly. And after the baby's done in there, I'd smooth my abs and mould them to perfection. I wouldn't need to pay someone to fix up my imperfections either! Although, I might dry out easier...this one would take some thinking...

Okay, so what's on your list?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You wanna see?

Have you seen Jon and Kate Plus 8? Yeah, the woman had litters of kids, and then, after the second set of multiples, sextuplets, she lifted her shirt and bore her flabby abs for us all to see. She knew we all wanted to see her saggy baggy skin AND she then got cosmetic surgery pro bono because some surgeon's wife saw the show and got him to help her out. Nice huh?
So on Sunday as we were arriving to church my daughter told me that she and I look just alike. Well, that we look pretty much the same, except that I have wrinkles and she doesn't. Oh, and then she mentioned the stretchmarks that she doesn't have either. Nothing makes you hold your head up like a proud pregnant hippo like your daughter making mention of your imperfections before you have to waddle in to church late with your slew of stretchmark makers in tow. Luckily I have a pretty good sense of humor. Notice my laugh lines in the above picture? If you have any dermatologist friends would you please refer them to my blog? I'm not so prideful that I'd say no to some botox.

And now, for my other beauty marks. Do you see this belly? Yeah, that baby in there still has 12 weeks of growing to do. Twelve long, hot bloated weeks...The baby alone will be growing at an average of 1/2 a pound a week, can you imagine what I'll look like when July rolls around? I'm really posting this for my sisters who don't live close enough to poke at the bun in there, but again, if anyone has a friend who needs skin grafting and/or has a doctor friend who wants to trim this thing up for me in a few months and give the ol' girls a lift I'd go ahead and post my belly shots, I'm not shy. But Bradshaw sisters be warned-and this goes for in-laws too Tina, kiss your bikinis goodbye because we have some big fatty baby genes running through our blood! Tina-stock up on your cocoa butter creme now my friend!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quote for the Day

A good marriage is like a casserole, only those responsible for it really know what goes in it.

I found this quote today and thought that if my marriage were a casserole it would be cheesy, fattening, and so terrific that everyone would ask for the recipe. I can't tell you what all goes in it, but there are a lot of kindnesses that I don't deserve and a lot of memories and inside jokes that make for a recipe that can't be duplicated. Also, if it were something I were responsible for cooking on my own it would be either over done or cold in the middle. That's why I have Brett. Well, I have him to change my watch during daylight savings time as well, I can never seem to figure that out no matter how I try.

So, what are your secret casserole ingredients?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Plaid Clad Easter Bunny and the little chocolate maker

What happens when you tell your husband that he's in charge of packing his own bag for the weekend because you're sick of being blamed when something is missing? Yeah, he forgets to pack shirts and ends up wearing a sexy women's number from the basement at his Mom's place. Mmm...mmm... you go Mr. Purple Plaid Man!

And what happens when your daughter flashes her doe eyes at Mr. Plaid and begs for a bunny? He goes on KSL and finds her one that very night, er, uh, facilitates the Easter Bunny in making her 5:55pm wish come true! And he says he isn't a sucker for this girl!
Hopefully this little critter won't be in the house much...I can imagine the horror of finding Izzy eating "chocolate drops" off the floor...I shutter to think...

Here Plaid Man is pushing the girls in the tire swing and they can't stop laughing. Is the swing THAT fun? Nah, I'm pretty they're laughing at Daddy's shirt too.
And here are a few shots from Baby Animal Days...

Hope you all had a Happy Easter and that you stocked up on Cadbury eggs while you had the chance!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

At Least Something...

I know last week I was complaining about feeling like doing nothing and feeling like I can't get anything done even when I try. So, in taking a more optimistic approach, here are a few photos of the things I HAVE accomplished this week... See the above photo? Yeah, it's an arial view of what most of my energy goes into. This week "Double Double" has grown to the size of a half gallon jug of milk. See, I am doing something Brett, even if I'm just sitting at the computer! I'm growing a baby, performing a miracle while I sit here on my butt typing-top that!

Also, I've allowed my children to explore their creativity. See the crayons and paper everywhere? Yeah, our house is currently scattered with it (still, three days after taking the picture), but Anna is getting some good writing time in, which is one of her goals this month, and Izzy is showing how much she's been walking by leaving a paper trail wherever she goes.

Monday night we went up the canyon and roasted marshmallow Peeps and made smores. We attempted to write up some family goals for FHE but Izzy was insatiably cranky so we opted for a drive after the campfire. Quinn did decide to have a goal of eating hot dogs this week and we did buy some yesterday, so check and check-attempting to have FHE and helping Quinn meet his lofty goals-that's something.
Oh yes, and the only thing I have to show for the winter...Quinn's quilt. Thanks to Linda for lending me the frames and to Bre for helping with the handstitching...I FINALLY finished this bad boy over conference weekend. I cut up a slew of Brett's and Grandpa Jim's old shirts to make a keeping quilt for Quinny with a pattern I found online and adapted. I'm not a terrific quilter by any means and the thing isn't perfect, but it's finished and I'm proud to have seen a project to the end...which really is something for me!
Ah, and laugh if you will, but this week I made rolls from scratch that actually rose and cooked and tasted good. Brett, in July when you're back from picking up another pizza or bag of burritos from Taco Bell, please refer to this post and remember the rolls I made you, back when I used to cook. Also, if you're reading this post and the oven is cold and it's dinnertime, please refer to the first photo and remember the little bun I'm cooking up right now...and remember how much I love Papa Murphy's chicken and garlic pizza and a Dr. Pepper...hint, hint....

Friday, April 3, 2009


What do you feel like doing right now? Nothing? Me too. I have two kids in the tub, one down for a nap, a whole day's worth of housework to do, and I feel like just sitting and veggin' all day. I'm sure Brett thinks I do this all day everyday as our house is usually a mess, and lately I have been doing a lot of nothing, but it sure sucks when anything you have done gets undone by the end of the day. I have two rooms clean right now...we'll see how it looks at 4 o'clock tonight.

Anyway, my question for you all is this, how do you get the house clean, give the kids the attention they need, do homework, make dinner, grocery shop, clean out closets, plan meals, have playdates, and anything else you need to do in a day? What kind of routine do you have? How do you fit in hobbies or personal time? How do you lay out your week to get everything done? Yes, please post what your day to day looks like because I'm in a chaotic slump of mess...I think I'm doing nothing in anticipation of the nothing I'll be getting done when #4 arrives, also because I'm playing the pregnancy card and I'm really tired. I'm avoidant when I'm stressed though, I know that about myself. But, if anyone has ideas I'd sure love to hear them. And then I'll sit for a while doing nothing while I think over whether or not I have the energy to try your ideas out. Also, if anyone is sitting around bored, just reading blogs and you happen upon this, you're welcome to come on over and help out, I'll even give you your choice of chores!