Monday, August 31, 2009

What could be worse?

Let me first preface this post by saying that you should be glad that I didn't include pictures.

Last night I thought I might die. Hands down, I'm pretty sure it was the worst night of my life! It all started yesterday morning...I got the kids all ready for church and got there before the meeting started, impressive for me, but then during the opening prayer Izzy let loose a whole belly of chunder all over the pew! My sweet neighbor Chad was sitting behind me and jumped forward to help (I'm guessing he's the puke cleaner of his household, Brett usually performs this duty, however he's backpacking for a few days and really missed out). I wiped up what chunks I could, then gathered my litter of children and headed out while Chad helped clean the bench for me-I totally owe him but I'm not sure how to pay someone back for helping with a thing like that.

Anyway, upon returning home Izzy yacked a few more times so I bathed her and cuddled her on my lap. When she fell asleep I laid her on a blanket on the tiled floor, then she proceeded to barf a few more times all while lying in a vegetative state. The poor girl was so sick which is hard enough for a mother's heart, but my poor nose-my whole house still has a slight chunder scent, could be that mountain of laundry sitting around that I'm still working on.

Well, after a day of spot cleaning, baby washing, nursing Max, and tending the older kiddos I put everyone in bed around 7:30...then my stomach started lurching. The stomach bug hit me from two directions and as I sat on the toilet clutching the trash can I wondered, "what could be worse than this?" What could be worse: getting my period, mastitis, and a bladder infection along with the flu, someone breaking a bone and having to take all 4 kids to the hospital with barf buckets in tow, or Brett having the same thorough digestive tract cleansing while out in the cold dark mountains of Wyoming-I'm pretty sure the guy would run out of toilet paper in that case, now what could be worse than that? Well, there's always being eaten by a bear, that would probably be the worst. Or would it be having a police officer come to my door to report that my husband had been eaten by a bear??? Yeah, I could go on and on but I won't.

Anyway, after a day like yesterday I'm appreciating the little things: Izzy's up and smiling again today, Anna had a terrific first day of first grade, Quinn and Addie held hands while we walked to school to get the girls, the kids cleaned up and went to bed tonight without complaining or throwing tantrums, we found popsicles at a local ice cream shop with character faces and gumball eyes just like the ones I had as a kid (no pink panther ones however), and I just had a good talk with my brother without any torture chamber-like screaming as background noise. Also, I have a 5lb. tub of cookie dough I found in the freezer which I don't want to let take up too much space for too long!

Life is getting back to normal. Now if only I could get rid of the lingering chunder smell around here...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Anna found Jesus... and other highlights of the week.

Yep, Anna found Jesus this week. Can I get an amen!? He went missing last year and never made it for his debut on Christmas morning, but upon cleaning out the toy baskets this week Anna found Jesus, he was hiding with the dress ups. Sneaky Jesus. Sometimes you'll find him in the strangest places when you didn't even realize you'd missed him.Other news? My baby is HUGE! Yep, what is he now 6 or 7 weeks? (honestly I don't know which). Max is already movin' on to wearing 3-6 month sized clothing. My lil' guy is growing so much and smiling which I love but really, if the guy is gonna get to be a fatty this early, shouldn't he also start sleeping through the night!?!

This has got to be the low of the week (or it was the low, before the stomach flu hit a few of us)...we went out to ATK for the test fire yesterday and it was cancelled, 20 seconds before being set off. Grandma and Grandpa Rupper and John came up for it but alas, it was a no go. Bummer. Quinn was so sad that he missed his nap for nothing. Everyone felt a bit let down. We drowned our sorrow in soda. There isn't too much in life that a Big Gulp can't fix. You and me and five bucks Brett!
Mmmm...this is what I've been doing more than anything this week...kissing on my mini Brett. I love this man, and that man...yeah, I'm confusing myself too.
Oh, and my high for the week was a drive we took last Sunday, roughly six hours, Brett's standard time for a dirt road tour of the region. We ended up stopping at this campground in Idaho which was so pretty and the smell...I wish I could bottle the smell of fresh mountain air.
Oh how I love that crazy husband of mine! Sure, our lives don't have too much drama and we don't really ever go anywhere too exotic, but the best memories we have are of the little things that happen along the way: Anna shouting, "Mom, I found Jesus!", the miracle of her actually cleaning the toy basket out in the first place, newborn smiles, Izzy FINALLY really talking, the joy the kids have in just seeing their Daddy when he gets home from work, the sweet sight of each kid's face when they're asleep, tailgate picnics, watching my man snuggle our baby...all tiny little bits that make up one perfect life.
(note to Brett: A guy was just attacked in Desolation canyon by a bear, just saw it on the news. Please don't get mauled by a bear on your backpacking trip because you're more than just a tiny bit that makes my life perfect, also, I couldn't replace you nor do I want to try.)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just a few days...

Here are a few pictures of what's been happenin' in just the past few days... Okay, I swear that I JUST had this baby and already he's HUGE! Max is growing so fast and I'm more than a little bummed because my lil' newborn is already outgrowing clothes-in just 5 weeks!!!

I love this shot, I feel the same way.

Wish I could so more of this.

These are pictures from a trip to the Ogden Nature Center last Saturday. The weather was perfect, we saw some critters, and when we saw a deer Anna was worried that he would "horn us"
Luckily, nobody was horned. We did have a great time though.
Brett installed an attic fan a few days ago and Anna asked to keep the box, she said she'd sleep in it that night. When we went in to tuck her in at night, we found that she was a girl of her word. Priceless.
My Mom, aka G.G. came to visit and has been lovin' on the kids and helping out with projects, cooking, shopping, etc. Here she is with Busy Izzy.
Sadly, I thought this picture had the whole crew, I forgot Izzy. Better to leave her out of a picture than to leave her at the grocery store though, I haven't done that...yet.
Max gettin' a scrubbin'.
And the biggest news of the week? Anna proudly lost her first tooth.