Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Fun

"What's up?" Our summer has been so busy, the weeks fly by but the days are SO LONG! Anyone else feel that way?

Here are a few shots from some of our adventures...

we've gone camping and fishing,
and out on the town.

We've had some laughs,

some cuddles,

and some good times with friends and family.

Some of us have hit milestones: losing teeth, riding a bike without training wheels, scaling stairs, and potty training to name a few.
And we recently welcomed the newest member into our family, baby Hopper.
Oh, and this sweet baby just turned 1!
Life is good. I can't complain too much, but man, I sure could use a maid to cover our tracks!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Big Ten

Brett, at this time ten years ago you were sitting in the temple waiting room, anxiously waiting for a bride who was, and still is, always just a little bit late. Here we are with ten years under our belts. Ten years of drives on dirt roads, inside jokes, sarcasm and laughter, moves, camp outs, hikes, bagels, sunsets, movies, births, deaths, Christmas mornings, autumn sweater weather, Scrabble games....and more.

We have such a blessed life with four little fountains of frustration and joy in our hands, and one another to balance out whatever life brings. Thank you Brett for loving me through it all, for getting me through the bad times and for making the good times unforgettable. Thank you for being you and for letting me be me, even when I'm late. I can't imagine my life without you. Thank you for ten incredible years! I love ya Babe!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I brought Anna to get her hair cut recently. She got a cute little a-line, she couldn't stop looking in the mirror for a few days afterwards, she felt so pretty. So grown up.

A couple of days later I brought Anna and Izzy shopping on a girls' day out. We tried on clothes and bought a few outfits, then went out for Chinese food. On the way home I turned on Anna's music in the car and listened to her belt out the songs. During this Taylor Swift song I looked back at Anna's sweet little smile as she confidently sang along and I started crying. I realized that my baby was growing up. I know she's only turning 7 this month, but I listened to the words in the song and realized that I don't want her to be a teen yet (maybe ever). I don't want her to get her heart broken, or to quit kissing me goodbye, or to want to be with her friends more than her family. I don't want her to care about what boys think of her or to change who she is just to fit in. I don't want those cute little freckles to fade or those twiggy legs to get longer-I'm just not ready!

I keep thinking about that drive, that perfect few minutes when we were laughing and singing and nothing else mattered.

I keep telling my kids to quit growing too.

They don't listen!