Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm It!

I've been "tagged", a few times so I guess it's my turn to reply:

Jobs I've had:
newspaper girl
Drive-thru at A& W
retail sales-Gottschalks
custodian-got fired from that one!
phone surveys and sales-Wirthlin Worldwide and Convergys
life skills coach/working with adults with disabilities
Instructional Technology lab assistant
seasonal work (decorating Christmas trees in October) at Fred Meyer

Movies I LOVE:
I am Sam
Little Women
Hope Floats
The Family Stone
Th Story of Us

Places I"ve lived:
California-San Jose, Morgan Hill, Redondo Beach
Nevada-Reno & Carson City
Utah-Brigham City, Provo, Logan

Places I've been on Holiday:
Europe-Italy, France, Switzerland (sounded like a good idea at the time but I went with my sis, bro-inlaw & their 18mth old twins-hardly a "vacation")
Washington D.C.
Tahoe-try to get there & jump in every year
San Francisco, Monterey Bay Area
Camping/backpacking-Yellowstone, Yosemite, Escalante, Moab, Calaveras Big Trees (my favorite), etc.

Favorite T.V. shows:
Grey's Anatomy
The Office
The Baby Story
The Colbert Report

Family Fun
Friends' blogs

Places I'd rather be:
back in Seattle-the temp is perfect right now there
in the middle of a great book

Guilty Pleasures:
chocolate ice cream
a blended mocha with whipped cream & cinnamon
sleeping in while Brett heads off to work
making and eating cookie dough before it ever gets cooked

Who I'm tagging:
Anyone who hasn't already been tagged and is reading this. . .

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Christmas is Coming. . .

Much to Brett's dismay I usually start thinking about Christmas around this time of the year, I've even been known to play holiday music while cleaning the house the whole year through, but I try to do it when nobody else is around. There is something soothing and happy about it, it makes me work better too.
Anyway, as I was contemplating the holiday (yes, while listening to Harry Connick Jr.'s Christmas album) I found this cute idea online for an advent calendar which I liked. You hang various children's socks for each day of December with numbered clothespins (a good use for those socks without mates), and each sock contains a note listing an activity for that day, or including a candy, a game, or a book to read as a family. You can include reading stories like The Tale of the Three Trees, or Twas the Night Before Christmas. You can plan a night of writing letters to Santa, decorating a gingerbread house, making cookies for neighbors, caroling at a nursing home, driving around to look at the lights, visiting temple square, or watching favorite holiday movies with popcorn and hot cocoa.
As this will be our first Christmas actually spent in our own home, I plan to start this new advent calendar, hopefully as a new tradition in our family to bring the spirit of the season into our home daily. If anyone has a tradition to share or an activity that is special to your family please share-25 nights are a lot to fill!!!