Monday, September 29, 2008

Sorry Brett...

I didn't want to do it like this. I didn't want to break it to you on my blog of all places, but I think it's time that I told you that there's someone else. He's tall, he's chiseled, and he keeps me up all night. I'm about to go upstairs to him right now, he's waiting in my bed as I type this. And he'll be staying here with me all week while you're away on business. He doesn't mind if I'm just lying around in my pjs, he doesn't care if I cook dinner or not, and he's always there when I need to get away...his name is Ed. Edward Cullen.

Yeah, I've been reading the Twilight series and it's all consuming. Thanks a lot to all of you who've recommended these books because not only have I neglected my family, but the house is a wreck, the laundry is piling up, and I'm not sleeping because I'm dreaming about vampires when I'm not curled up with one of these books. Most of all, I'm embarrassed because these books aren't the best literature, they're, well how do I classify them? I guess you'd say the story is a bit of a high school romantic horror genre if that's possible. I know I'll hate the movie, and I kinda hate myself for loving the books, but I've gotta get through them this week so I can get back to my life!

And Brett, if you're reading this, please know that you're my one and only. I mean, even if the writer makes necking with a vampire sound sexy, and even if they're totally rich, she also writes them as being permanently icy cold-you know that alone would kill it for me. I do hope you'll forgive me for my obsession though and come back to me this weekend. I could sure use some cuddling with a non-fictional warm blooded man.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random happy moments...

I've been grabbing the camera for ordinary things, lots of them, because I feel like time is flying by and I don't want to forget all the simple moments that make me happy.

First is a shot of Brett and Baby Iz. Brett's giving me a ridiculous look of, "uh, why are you taking a picture of this?" And I of course took the picture because it was a sweet sight for me. I've been gone three nights a week lately and when I come home, there's nothing as wonderful as finding my man snuggled up with our lil' sleeping girl. Brett, you are such a good Daddy!

Here Brett's taking the entire car engine apart to change the starter, not because it was urgent, but because he needed a project to do. Always always, a project! Sexy sweatband eh?
This shot, I didn't even stage. These two are usually fighting over everything and here I caught them, sharing their crayons, their coloring books, even sharing a chair. Lately they've been making forts and playing school-since Anna started kindergarten these two have been playing much better when they're together.
And these last two are of my sweet little "Baby Brownie" -I don't get nearly as many shots of her as I have of the older kids, life just happens around her and I neglect to photograph every cute little thing. I apologize in advance Izzy because your scrapbook is gonna be crap compared to Anna's and Quinn's, I don't have the time or the pictures!

Elizabeth is FINALLY crawling, she has two teeth, and she lights up whenever she sees me-she's MY girl Brett! She's still pretty long and skinny, and still the sweetest happiest baby ever!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Christmas shopping

Yep, I'm decorated for Halloween now and already thinking about Christmas (Brett, if you're reading this I know you're rolling your eyes right now!) So I'm wondering, do any of you start shopping way ahead of time and just hide stuff away until December? Every year I think I'll shop ahead, then we wait and end up among the millions of people packed into the mall in the winter, growling under our breath at the swarms around us, who're stuck in the same long lines doing the same thing. Does anyone have a head start already this year? And when and if you do buy stuff early, where do you hide it so your kids won't find it, and so that you'll remember it???

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Random thoughts

Is it too early to put up Halloween decorations? Brett says so, but I disagree.

Also, do the rest of you sit at your computer and blog surf between baby feedings, getting kids to and from school and folding loads of laundry? I keep checking other blogs and getting bored when new posts haven't been done, but I'm lazy about mine. ..I guess if I knew if anyone read this thing I'd put more into it. (Yes Moms, you can click on "comment" down below the post and say something, then I'll think about posting more pictures of your grandkids for ya!)

Also, has anyone seen my two older kids??? I'd better go find them, it's suspiciously quiet...

Monday, September 1, 2008

August Highlights

August has been one busy month!

The most notable and recent event, at least for me personally, is that of being called as the ward Young Women's president! Yikes! I'm a little overwhelmed to say the least, but I'm excited too because I get to go hang out with teenage girls and pretend that I'm still young, that, and I get to go to Girls' Camp next year...well, if they don't kick me out for being a bad influence before then that is! Here's that little temple picture from the personal progress booklet, remember that? Yeah, I guess I have to get the girls to do something in there. They have no idea what's comin'! Aw...aren't these kids cute? These are my two older kids with the kids they're betrothed to, who are conveniently siblings also. I don't have a shot of the babies, but the younger kids'll be set up too.

Quinner and Ashley, aren't they a cute couple? I'm hoping to save this picture to put on their wedding announcement, showing that they've been together since they were toddlers. These shots are from camping this weekend, it was good fun, thanks for the invite LeighAnn!
Here's a shot from the Rupper Reunion earlier this month at Bear Lake. This is Nana and Papa with all the grandkids.

Yeah, and this is the stir-fry I made with vegetables grown in my very first garden. Zucchini, onions, carrots, tastes better with a little pride cooked in there!
Here is a photo of Anna with her very first fish!
Yes, more from the garden. Aren't these tomatoes pretty? My Mom and brother Taylor came to visit this month and I didn't take any pictures of them here, but we did make some tasty salsa (and when I say "we" I mean "Mom"). We also went shopping and had a good visit.
And here is Anna on her first day of Kindergarten. Yep, one in school, two to go! I could lie and say I was sad about her first day at school, but I was really pretty excited for Anna to have someone else to spend part of her day with!
That's it! That's the month at a glance. I'm glad it's over because it was B-u-s-y! It was great though too, but I love the fall above all other seasons so I'm anxious for what's to come...