Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's New. . .

I guess the biggest Rupper news (which is growing BIGGER and BIGGER daily), in case you haven't heard, is that we are having a baby GIRL!!! Anna nicknamed her future baby sister "Baby Brownie" after her favorite dessert and LOVES to rub it in her Daddy's face that she was right about the sex of the baby and he was wrong. Also, we parents are a bit relieved/overwhelmed to be having another girl as we were informed by our lovely daughter that she would not be nice if the baby was a boy. Needless to say, we hope this baby has a mellow sweet temperment like her brother.

Here's Anna, living up the last days of summer in her hot new swimsuit, compliments of Aunt Jill and Aunt Ashley. When she first donned the suit she said, "Look at me Mom, I"m a pink girl zebra!"

Here Anna is enjoying a new friend Daddy found for her in the yard, a frog! She and her friend Hallie took care of him all day and even brought him swimming in the kiddie pool with them.

We aren't sure what happened to Kermit, he may have escaped or turned into a prince-I could swear I saw Anna kissing him at one point in the day!!!
Here's our sweet Quinn, asleep after a short stroll around the neighborhood with Ariel, the beloved sprinkler toy. Q is such a busy boy and is growing so fast. He is starting to put a few words together too. Last night he pointed to Daddy's bike and said, "Bike. Pees. Dada?" To which Brett HAD to give in and give him a ride, it was SO CUTE!!! Another favorite is when we go out on the porch he tilts his head and inquisitively suggests, "Paw-sicle?" He's a big fan of the Otter Pop, and with his sparkly eyes and sweet smile, it's hard ever telling him no.

Last comes Brett, who has managed to not only get away for his annual "Guy's weekend away" to the mountains for some 30+ miles of backpacking in the Uintahs recently, but he has also gotten our fence installed almost single-handedly -both during the month of August. He is such a hard worker and has nearly gotten our entire yard completed this summer! He's stalled on a few fence pieces and I'm kinda relieved, we don't have the budget to keep up with him!!!