Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Where's Waldo" joins a gang

I tried to help Quinn don a pirate costume for his preschool Halloween party this afternoon. He put on the red and white striped shirt and some tan pants, then a black bandana on the ol' noggin. I drew on a mustache and was going for a beard when he told me that "kid pirates don't actually have beards or mustaches." Fair enough, we wiped his face off then went for the earring and eye patch. "Kid pirates don't have to wear eye patches, they like to see with both eyes," he says. No eye patch then. On the way back from dropping him off I found his earring on the garage floor. As it turns out, now he just looks like Waldo the gangster. I hope he gets into character and jumps some of the other kids at school and steals their candy, or at least just the chocolate stuff.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Uh huh.

Here you are reading my blog. Do you really have nothing else to do? You might be sitting at your computer, most likely trying to get a break from your kids, possibly your husband even, and thinking, "Ah, what relaxing music." Soon you'll hear the words and start singing along. You're reading this and thinking that I'm crazy but wait for it...UH HUH, yeah, you secretly love Lionel Richie too. Do you know all the words? You can be honest. I think I know all of his songs. I'm not ashamed. I even added his album to my Amazon wishlist. I really doubt that Brett shares my affinity for the music so he probably won't buy it for me, but it's out there now. I'm a Lionel fan. Phew, it feels good to say it out loud.

So tonight I was driving home from Jazzercise all sweaty and happy. I weighed in within 8lbs of my target so that made me glad, but then halfway down the road I realized that my good mood was in fact Lionel induced as well. I think the music takes me back to my childhood days, sitting in the backseat of Mom's tan van just being a kid without a worry in the word. Being easy like Sunday morning even. The other night at the same spot on Main St. I was belting out R.E.M.'s Losing My Religion while it played on the radio. Same thing. I knew every word, even though I have no idea what the song is about, but it made me happy. I will attribute my mood to the workout as well, endorphins certainly do the trick too, but don't you sometimes hear a song that just fixes your mood? Forever in Blue Jeans perhaps? Something from ABBA? Queen maybe? Yeah, come on, you can tell me...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Family Time

October has been so busy and we have nearly two weeks left to go! Someone please remind me to have my safety check and registration completed for my car next week because I'm pretty sure I'll forget! (That means YOU Caralee, email me a reminder will ya?) Mostly, this month has been chockful of family time and I wouldn't have it any other way. I thought I'd post just a few pictures of the past few weeks...for starters, check out all these cute cousins above. Priceless.

Oh, and we finally got to meet lil' Miss Abbie our newest niece this past week. I'm pretty sure these two will be buddies.
Brett and his Momma. (That's all I'm saying because apparently I brag about my husband too much on here. I will say though that I think his Mom is amazing. I couldn't have chosen a better Mom-in-law in all of the world. I love you Judy Rupper!)
Grandma K passed on and was honored by all of her children and many grandchildren and great grandchildren last weekend. While at the funeral service her sister Gloria told Lisa and me a story of when Grandma went to New York and of how she was floored by the number of people there. I believe she asked Bob where all the people came from and he said, "Well, you and Steve were married, that makes two. You had 5 children who married making 12. And they all had children...they all came from you. It's your fault!" There were a lot of people there and it was neat to think of all the people who came to be because of her. Maybe we haven't reached the population of New York, but she left behind quite a family. I know I married in, but I'm proud to be part of that family.
I know I posted one of these previously, but here is a shot of my baby boy in the arms of his Great Grandmother, Grandma K, one last time. And Brett, so proud to share his son with his Grandma.
Okay, so we FINALLY got around to blessing Max this month. Unfortunately I neglected to take pictures so here's one taken the day after. Pretend he's wearing white and I'll pretend that I'm gonna get the energy to find the blessing outfit and put it back on for pictures.
My Dad came to help bless the baby. He also brought this ginormous piece of luggage which my eldest two fit into quite nicely. Don't think I won't sneak them in next time Dad!
Inside of that huge suitcase Dad brought Christmas, including some leftover ugly sweaters from last years' fandango. We put on the ugos, turned on some holiday tunes (yeah in October Paolo!), and ripped right in. Christmas in October agrees with me. The Sees candy also agreed with me, it became one with me. Thanks Dad!
Whew, that's a lot of posting....time to get some ice cream and take a break. Not that I don't love you all, but a girl needs some time alone to enjoy the silence after the house has emptied and the kids have pooped out...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Grandma got her promotion this weekend

After serving many years upon the earth, that past 40 of which without her companion, and the past 2 with a failing mind and body, Grandma K was promoted from her mortal state and moved on through the veil to be reunited with 3 of her children, her husband, her parents, and her Heavenly Father. She leaves behind 5 children, a slew of grandchildren and great grandchildren, and a legacy of faith and love.

Grandma K was a special woman who conquered many a trial with wit and determination. She was a school teacher by trade, but on the side she taught my husband how to be a gentleman on a date when he was 10, she gave him his sparkling green eyes, and she raised an amazing woman among others, who in turn produced my amazing husband. Grandma could tell terrific stories, she made you feel so special when you went to visit her, and she was a warm and endearing woman who everybody loved.

One time when Brett and I went to visit Grandma in Tooele with our newborn little Anna one of us was changing her on the floor and the lil' squirt sprayed poop all over the front of the couch. We tried to scrub it off but it wasn't working, there was a big yellow stain. I felt so bad, but Grandma just laughed and said it'd be something to remember her by, and to embarrass her with the memory of when she was older and she came to visit. No big deal to Grandma, she was just happy to have us there!

We love you Grandma K, you'll be missed here on earth, but we're happy for you to be reunited with those who've been waiting for so long to see you again!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A long awaited goodbye

Dear Carson, I am sorry to inform you that Elmo has not survived the winter. He didn't even make it TO winter this year! He would've been 3 this Christmas season, maybe 4. I've been trying to block it out really. I can still hear his song in my head although a new set of batteries couldn't repair him. He will slip away quietly this afternoon, into the big black dumpster. Such a bittersweet fairwell.
Don't worry though, when your baby is born I will lovingly buy her the most annoying toy I can possibly find. Perhaps I will send her an economy sized box of replacement batteries each month as well. E-L-MMM-O! E-L-M-OOO!
Love ya Cars! I can't wait for my new niece to arrive!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Holding On

Do you ever find yourself in a moment and think, "gosh, I hope I never forget THIS." This sunset, this feeling, this giggle that makes your heart burst open, this terrific hike, this perfect day, this feeling of absolute contentment, this most amazing hot fudge brownie sundae, this beautiful little squishy baby smiling at me like I'm the most amazing woman ever, this funny thing my son just said...fill "this" in with whatever your moment is. Now there is no way to capture the perfect flavor, or the satisfaction and full body ache after a backpacking trip, but I've been grabbing the camera a lot lately because sometimes, just sometimes you can capture an image of something so perfect, so pure, so intimate that it takes you back and you can remember that moment and how time stood still.

I love this picture of Izzy and Brett. I hope she still looks at him that way when she's 17 and most likely not talking to me. She's Daddy's girl. They have a good thing goin' those two. It makes me smile.

Yesterday my amazing Mom-in-law hosted a family gathering so that all of her siblings could be together with their Mother and each other. Grandma isn't able to remember us being there and may or may not recall who each of us are, but how special it was to see my husband sharing his son with Grandma K, having a quiet moment together.
Okay, these next few aren't terrific, but I'm holding on to lil' Max, kinda gasping and clinging tightly because I don't want him to grow up and it's happening so fast! I've taken a lot of really terrible shots of him and these are just a few, but gosh, look at this face! The kid has eyes only for me and I LOVE it. I'll have him on my lap and be talking to someone across the room then glance down and this set of blue eyes is locked on me and he's grinning from ear to ear. I don't want to forget this perfect face...
Or this one. This is his, "what the hell face," or possibly the, "my brother/sister is coming at me fast and loud and I can't do anything to protect myself face," or just his, "can someone get that kid some ritalin please face." Maybe it's his "who farted?" face, I can't say.
Yep, I'm also photographing some of the not so pleasant stuff. Here's Anna in a time out. She had a ridiculously fierce stink eye on me but when I got the camera she backed off. She's just that way. Had to turn it around and make it all sad and pitiful looking instead. She's tough as nails and as much as it kills me, I love what a fighter she is. I wanted to capture her fierceness (pretty sure I"ll have other opportunities, probably 12 times tomorrow) because I want to remind her when she's older of the fire she had in her even when she was small. I want her to know that she can throw her shoulders back, that when its a matter worth fighting for that she can look her opponent in the eye and stand up for herself, for what's right, that she was a tough strong little woman and always has been.