Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm outta here, and yes, I'm rubbing it in!

Today is starting out as "one of those days"-Anna woke me up to tell me that her cereal spilled everywhere, oh, and that she wet the bed, "but just a little bit." Quinn took off his diaper somewhere in the night and wet his bed as well. I'm not packed yet, or showered yet for that matter, but nothing is stopping me...I'm cleanin' house, throwing some clothes in our bags and we're getting out of here!

Tonight we're going to see Nana Judy, whom we haven't visited for too long. I think Anna is just as excited to see her Grandma as she is for the rest of the trip. Then tomorrow we're headed south. The kids are bubbling with excitement about going to Disneyland and I'm just glad for a chance to throw my flip flops back on and wear my new maternity capris, which I may or may not still fit in when the weather here is actually warm enough to wear them. Also, I'm excited to see Brett's face when his "wrap around porch" is put in front of him at Lucille's smokehouse-it's pretty much the happiest face you'll ever see on the guy. What else? I'm anxious to see my girl Chelsea and meet her new baby, I'm excited to visit my brother Carson and his wifey Tina whom we missed at Christmas, and I'm glad to be going to a place where I can get some In and Out Burger again. I'm actually quite simple to please on a trip, it's all about eating good food for me, the rest is just a bonus!

California here I come...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Small Miracles

I don't have any really cute pictures. I haven't gone anywhere recently as I'm a total shut in (wait until next week for that), so I'm posting about the feelings I'm left with after a book I just finished. This week I read a book entitled Here if you Need Me by Kate Braestrup. She is a Maine warden service chaplain and the book is her journey of faith through losing her husband, dealing as a single mother of four, coming to know God in her own way, and helping out families who are in the "hinge" of life-when life changes from what they knew to something entirely different as they deal with loss.

I practically ate the book, I read it in a day and the thing I got from it was that there are miracles all around us, but we only recognize them as miracles when we step back and recognize God's love in what happens. One man she worked with asked with dismay, "where is God in this?" upon finding a small girl who'd fallen through the ice and was found dead, a girl who was very much like his own beloved granddaughter. She replied that God wasn't there in the accident, that sometimes these things happen, just as a glass of milk is sometimes spilled at the breakfast table, but that he WAS there in the arms that comforted the parents, in the neighbors who show up with a pan of brownies and tears of empathy when those accidents happen, in the warm dinners that spontaneously arrive in the aftermath, in the peace that surrounds you when you are going through something horrible, THAT is where God is. When you recognize that, hope goes and on and you realize that you have so much more than just the grief, and that miracles have not ceased.

Today I felt so blessed as I considered the miracles in my life. I have a neighbor who shovels my drive at the first sign of snow and who's done it for me each and every time it snows, he does it quietly and disappears but I know it's him. I have a husband who works so hard so I can stay home to raise our babies, a miracle- especially in today's economy. I have three beautiful children, one on the way and a strong body which is capable of creating and sustaining life. I sometimes take this for granted and feel like this is all too much, but it is a miracle, an absolute miracle. I have a handful of kindred friends who know my heart and who I can talk to about anything. I also have tremendous support in an extended family of siblings, parents, and in-laws who bless my life and my family in ways I'm not even sure I'm worthy of. Do I believe God loves me? Undoubtedly. I feel it in all the small miracles that happen around me, who could doubt God when they sit back and consider the good in their lives?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One Sweet Guy

Brett, I know you secretly follow my blog, HA! So now that you're here, I just want you to know that I love you. You're undoubtedly the best husband and the greatest Daddy out there! I just came across this picture and I love it, it's just you and your girl totally giggling together and enjoying a moment. I'm always in awe at your love and patience with our kids. You have "the touch" with Izzy, and you are always rolling around on the floor with Anna and Quinner making them laugh until their bladders give out. I love that you can work all day and come home and put a smile on each lil' Rupper face just by walking in the door! Also, I love that you are so carefree about the hurricane aftermath our house looks like on a daily basis while I'm struggling to cook a baby, attack my mountain of laundry, and keep the kids from mutilating each other, and maybe or maybe not making dinner. You truly are the best Brett and I love you so much! Also, don't think this is a post for Valentine's Day because you know what you're getting then...a heart-shaped pizza and a Pepsi. Take that Hallmark company!

Monday, February 2, 2009

January Highlights

This picture is for Carson and Tina-I think you found the perfect gift for both of my boys! Quinner has been loving playing with his new train set. When he and Brett set it up it literally takes up a whole room. In fact, this past week we switched Quinner into the "green room" just to accomodate said train set. Also, I'm hoping that I'm right in my prediction that we'll have another boy, in which case all I'll have to do is add a crib to the new boys' room. I'll also have to get another crib as the one we have will still be occupied!

This picture hardly does justice to these two Tomato Heads. Brett took Anna on her first skiing outing this weekend and forgot the sunscreen-they are both fried! They had a terrific time though and Anna was excited because her best friend was also on the mountain that afternoon.

Our lil' pink snow bunny

Brett said Anna refused any ski instruction, informing him that she already knew what she was doing. Yeah, I'm officially opting out of teaching her how to drive when she's 16, she's all yours Brett!

Izzy had a playdate last week, these toddlers know how to rock!
Funny kids huh!?!
Okay, so that's all I have for January. I'm pretty much a shut in when winter hits. Also, I've been so tired lately that what we've mostly been doing is reading and napping, neither of which are very interesting to photograph or blog. If you have any good ideas for keeping kids busy indoors please post them here or on your blog because I'm sick of board games and if I continue baking I'll look 9 months pregnant within the month!