Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I subscribed to Wondertime Magazine this year and have really enjoyed the ideas it has for fun ways to play and grow with your kids. There was an article about fort making which suggested using sheets-they let the light through better than a thick blanket and require less to hold them in place. Anna and Quinn LOVE building forts and we often build one with a view to the tv so they can snack and watch Charlotte's Web in their own little space. Then there are the usual recipes (there was a tasty one for sweet potato muffins we liked) games, and childrens book reviews. Another feature of the magazine I enjoy is the Instant Journal-a tearout page with prompts of different memories to write about your kids. For example: "What made your child laugh today?" ,"What is your current goodnight ritual with your child?" "What do you love most about your child right now?" and, "When your child is being quiet, ask what she/he is thinking about. Write it down verbatim." This magazine is really cute, check it out online, or check your local library for it before subscribing, I found that my library checks out magazines for up to three weeks-which means fewer piles of periodicals to throw away, and, it's free!


Kaila said...

I'll have to check out that magazine!

Jessica G. said...

Sounds cool! I get Family Fun and I really like it. Good recipes, too.