Wednesday, January 2, 2008

December Highlights

Here are just a few pictures of events from the past few weeks...

Sledding on Old Main Hill in Logan-Anna LOVED it, Quinn wasn't so sure about it.
Brett, in his new favorite t-shirt, compliments of Adam who is also an eleven year old boy at heart! ( and who's other gifts I won't so readily post to my blog but were a good laugh as well)
Anna, Quinn, and me, giving Izzy her first real bath at home-she isn't as fond of the bath as the rest of us are but it'll grow on her.

Jill, looking radiant as always. We really couldn't have gotten through having a baby without her here to help and Anna and Quinn loved having their Auntie here to play! A tender moment-Quinn getting to know his new baby "Sis-sis"
A not so quite moment-we've seen this face a LOT. It's the face of a boy getting in two new molars, adjusting to a toddler bed, and getting used to not being the only baby in the house. Poor Quinn!!!

My first time REALLY holding my new little Elizabeth. I still can't believe I have three perfectly healthy little guys-what a blessing!
Brett's first picture with his three kids together. He's one proud Daddy!
My little buddies snuggling in the cold together. Nothing makes a Momma happier than seeing her kids love each other like this!
My little boy with his mischievious Brett Jr. face-even if he has just colored on the walls with marker he just has to flash his little smile and the anger melts away. Oh, I just love this little guy!


Katie said...

She is so precious. I agree, you are very blessed. Good luck. I want to hear all about your job with 3 kids!

p.s. I showed Landon Brett's shirt, he died laughing.

Rupper Family said...

I just went to have my birth control prescription filled this morning if that says anything! Three kids is HARD work, sadly enough, the baby is the easiest part of it all!

Jessica G. said...

Awwwwww! And I loved the Quinn picture, where he's sobbing and pointing. That's something I see daily, too. :)

Cuddles, Kisses & Tantrums said...

Hey Wendy!
I was so glad to get your Christmas letter in the mail yesterday! I was ecstatic to see that you are blogging! My sis set me up with a blog a couple months ago- she was tired of me not keeping in contact. I tell ya, the time difference seriously messes me up. My free time is usually when Utah is still asleep! Anyway I am going to call ya soon. Congrats on your precious miracle!
Love, Ariann