Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What's your high and low?

In the evenings before bed we ask Anna what her high and her low of the day were. Corny as it sounds, we actually saw it in a movie The Story of Us and thought it was a good way to sum up our experiences of each day with the kids. It's kinda fun because Anna usually asks us in return what our best and worst parts of the day were too. Quinn's high is usually "nursery"-he thinks about going all week long! He never says what his low is but I'm pretty sure it's going to bed-it's never a fun time for him! Anna's highs are usually that she gets to play with Chloe, and her lows are that she didn't get to play with Chloe (on non-playdate days). It's funny though because sometimes we get something deeper out of her. When Brett put her to bed, after all the family left the day we blessed Izzy, Anna said her low was that she was sad because Grandma K (her great grandmother) was going to die in a few weeks and she would miss her. That statement was profound to me, it was an eye opener to know that she'd processed Grandma's ailing health, but it made me think too about all the feelings these kids have that they don't find the words to express.

What special routines or traditions have you established with your kids? Is there anything from your childhood that you've carried on in your own family?


Jessica G. said...

I say goodnight to the kids in a special way, different for both of them. Also, I mail Boo off to Dreamland, like my mom used to do.

Blackburns 18 said...

I like the idea of asking about highs and lows. I may steal that idea from you. My mom always used to say "Who loves you?!" To which we would respond, "You do mama" I realized that I say that to Sienna even though right now she doesn't respond.

Cuddles, Kisses & Tantrums said...

Travis tucks in Kaity and I tuck in Brayden then we quickly each give the other kid a hug and a kiss. I don't really know Kaity's routine, but with Brayden we have to do prayer then sing twinkle twinkle little star followed by I'm so glad when daddy comes home. If I try to mix it up, Brayden has a fit. I really like your highs and lows though, so I might try to introduce that in our family. Sometimes our kids are so perceptive that it scares me! I think that if we comprehended even a fraction of their intelligence, we would be blown away! I love your little Anna! She is adorable but then so is her mom!