Monday, August 4, 2008

July Highlights

The biggest news in July...Anna-she's officially five years old! Is five too young to get into clubs???
Also, and yes, I am posting it because it was a major breakthrough...Quinner deuced it in the right spot!
I wonder if we should order a child sized iPood t-shirt for Quinner to match Bretts!?!

This month the kids took to the waterslide at the public pool...Anna can't get enough of it now!
Izzy also got her first tooth, and she chews on everything!
She also finally sits up.
Izzy had her first campout this month, it appears as if she got her first smore too, but nah, maybe next year.
Snuggling up with Daddy in the tent

Anna wanted to go rollerskating for her birthday. We had a slumber party, with one friend, Chloe, as that is all I could handle, it worked out nicely. The boys, skating the night away.
My glitter Girl and her pink cake.
Birthday donuts.
Here's Anna with her Hannah Montana CD-her new obsession. Since her birthday she likes to have alone time in her room with her music blaring while she applies enough sparkly makeup to put a tranny to shame. Today we bought her a Hannah wig which she proudly wore through the mall on the way home. This kid is a crackup!


Analei said...

What a great July! Congrats to Quin and Izzy.

And a special congrats to Anna on being 5!! Wow!! Love the glitter, girl :-)

Ariann said...

Ahh Wendy you have your very own little princess. The hannah Montana has started for you...Welcome to my world! :) Remember when we would have perfume wars and then go to Taco bell. Weren't we called french whores?! Maybe Anna needs some perfume to go with her glitter. Oh and don't forget the hair paint- very Hannah Montana or so I am told by my own tranny!

Izzy is getting so big! Congrats on the successful toilet training! I loved that milestone in our family!

Jessica G. said...

Happy Birthday, Anna-Hannah!

And if you do find a child-sized iPood shirt, let me know! I'd love to get one.

S&K 18 said...

Happy Birthday Anna, and Congrats to potty training. I love the picture of Izzy and Brett in the tent. We just got back from camping and Sienna loved it. She actually sat and played in the dirt forever. Yes I actually let her play with dirt. Glad you had an exciting July.

brookeanne said...

Your kids are so darn cute - I can't believe how grown up Anna looks! It was so good talking to you the other day.

Aubrey said...

Wendy! what a month you had! Horray on the poops!:) I want a birthday doughnut!