Monday, January 12, 2009

Random December photos

Ashley, Taylor, and me dogpiled on Santa

This is a picture from the shooting outing-it's always a good time to shoot crap up!
Even Anna got in on the action!
Somehow I can never get the pictures in chronological order. This is from Izzy's 1st birthday. Ain't she cute!?!
Here are my boys while seeing the lights on temple square.
Oh yes, and here is a photo for the album-Mom and Dad posing with the much hated living room lamp. Sure wish I took an after picture of this thing for Mom, she would've loved it!
Izzy and G.G. sharing some time alone. Also, sharing some Pepsi-yeah Mom, I saw ya!
Oh yeah, and In and Out good.
Here is the line up of the "best in show" for 2008. Caralee's sweater had a light feature, Dad's had a glittery nativity, Steve's had some killer shoulderpads, Brett creepin' me out in how comfortable he was in his floral, and Kristy in a beaded beaut.
It's hard to see in this shot, but this is one good lookin' group. Who wouldn't be proud to be seen in public with these bedazzled holiday enthusiasts!?!


Bre said...

I love your family. I don't think I could every get my sister into a sweater that would make Bill Cosby proud.

Christine said...

Finally I see the sweater finalists! Those pictures are so great!! Your dad and Brett are a close first for me! Awesome. Anna's is right up there too!

Jessica G. said...

Oh my...those words...

Caralee said...

I guess it's a good thing I didn't keep that cuddly bear for myself! Izzy looks like she's quite enjoying it. :)
Love you, Wend! ~Caralee