Monday, February 2, 2009

January Highlights

This picture is for Carson and Tina-I think you found the perfect gift for both of my boys! Quinner has been loving playing with his new train set. When he and Brett set it up it literally takes up a whole room. In fact, this past week we switched Quinner into the "green room" just to accomodate said train set. Also, I'm hoping that I'm right in my prediction that we'll have another boy, in which case all I'll have to do is add a crib to the new boys' room. I'll also have to get another crib as the one we have will still be occupied!

This picture hardly does justice to these two Tomato Heads. Brett took Anna on her first skiing outing this weekend and forgot the sunscreen-they are both fried! They had a terrific time though and Anna was excited because her best friend was also on the mountain that afternoon.

Our lil' pink snow bunny

Brett said Anna refused any ski instruction, informing him that she already knew what she was doing. Yeah, I'm officially opting out of teaching her how to drive when she's 16, she's all yours Brett!

Izzy had a playdate last week, these toddlers know how to rock!
Funny kids huh!?!
Okay, so that's all I have for January. I'm pretty much a shut in when winter hits. Also, I've been so tired lately that what we've mostly been doing is reading and napping, neither of which are very interesting to photograph or blog. If you have any good ideas for keeping kids busy indoors please post them here or on your blog because I'm sick of board games and if I continue baking I'll look 9 months pregnant within the month!


Holly Goodman said...

Have you ever made home-made play dough? You put the food coloring drops inside the dough and then let them play with it and it turns the right color as they move the dough around. Pull out the cookie cutters and rolling pin and let them have at it!

Bre said...

I love Izzy the rock star.

Rupper Family said...

Holly, with my energy level, if I'm gonna cook it, it has to also serve as a you have a recipe for edible play dough?

Jessica G. said...

Forts. Give them a couple old sheets and some clothespins and let them have at it with the chairs and couches.

Christine said...

The best thing I can think of right now is packing! :) The kids like boxes. :)