Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anna's Party

These are for G.G. who'd be so proud of our crafting abilities that I had to post pictures...

Anna's 6th birthday is in the end of July but we decided to celebrate now because we'll be celebrating someone else's arrival into the world then and I won't have the energy to make dinner then much less pull off a birthday party. Plus, I'll be recovering from major surgery, an excuse I plan to use for a VERY long time by the way.

Anyway, Anna chose a bug themed party and picked out her own projects and activities for the event, even helped with invitations and tested out our activities.

Here's my lil' Ladybug, all excited for the big event.

We bought a bag of plastic bugs and Brett hid them around the yard for the kids to hunt for, after which we made buggy bracelets-love that Oriental Trading Company!

Anna wanted to eat dirt a.k.a. pudding and crushed Oreos with gummy worms instead of birthday cake. This was fun to put together and MUCH easier than figuring out how to decorate a cake for our theme! We also accidentally put a few trick candles in her cup and she was stunned when they kept lighting back up. Funny blunder.
We found these cute bug aprons at the dollar store which were good because our butterfly painting project was a bit messy. I just realized that we're missing a kid or two here. Oops.
Here are a few cutie bugs in the garden.

Anna got to have her cousin Madison spend the night last night and they had fun doing their makeup, getting their hair done, and giggling late into the night and playing all day before the party.
And this is a shot from last nights' sleepover. Nothin' grounds a handful of kids like a bowl of popcorn! Now that I look at this, I think I need to get myself in bed. I'm pretty tired.
Special thanks to Kathy for the loan of a child, Judy for transporting said kid, Izzy, for taking a nap through the whole party, and especially to Brett, without whom I would have gone crazy. Brett actually had to leave before everyone else did to fly to Florida for work for the week. Poor guy took the red eye flight so he wouldn't miss his girl's special occasion! Thank you for staying to help make Anna's party special, she was so glad to have you here Babe! And thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating my sweet little Anna Bug!


Bre said...

Looks like a fun party. I could go for some of that dirt myself!

Anonymous said...

That's so funny, we just had Haylee's birthday party this week too. It was a princess theme. I don't make the cakes I have them made for me. I'm lazy! Looks like tons of fun though!

Kaila said...

That is SUCH a cute idea! I can't believe you had evergy to do a party this close to delivery--last year when I was nearly due, I only got off the couch if someone was bleeding or if I had to use the bathroom.

Tracy said...

Cute party! I sure miss that about you! All of the fun themes and crafts...guess we need to visit!

Blackburns said...

That is such a cute idea for a party. I think I may have to steal that idea someday. Happy birthday Anna!

Anonymous said...

" Aunt " Vala from Iceland!
Your mother sent me the site. I just love the theme and the little cups with "dirt" and worms!!
You have the cutest kids ever.

Love from your family in Iceland

mike and chenoa said...

Such a cute party!

Jessica G. said...

Sweet party! Really cute bug ideas. Good job, Mom!