Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just a few days...

Here are a few pictures of what's been happenin' in just the past few days... Okay, I swear that I JUST had this baby and already he's HUGE! Max is growing so fast and I'm more than a little bummed because my lil' newborn is already outgrowing clothes-in just 5 weeks!!!

I love this shot, I feel the same way.

Wish I could so more of this.

These are pictures from a trip to the Ogden Nature Center last Saturday. The weather was perfect, we saw some critters, and when we saw a deer Anna was worried that he would "horn us"
Luckily, nobody was horned. We did have a great time though.
Brett installed an attic fan a few days ago and Anna asked to keep the box, she said she'd sleep in it that night. When we went in to tuck her in at night, we found that she was a girl of her word. Priceless.
My Mom, aka G.G. came to visit and has been lovin' on the kids and helping out with projects, cooking, shopping, etc. Here she is with Busy Izzy.
Sadly, I thought this picture had the whole crew, I forgot Izzy. Better to leave her out of a picture than to leave her at the grocery store though, I haven't done that...yet.
Max gettin' a scrubbin'.
And the biggest news of the week? Anna proudly lost her first tooth.


Bre said...

Congrats Anna! What cute pics of the kids. I'm glad no one was horned.

Jessica G. said...

Can't believe how big the kidlets are getting!
I, too, am pleased no one was "horned."

Blackburns said...

Isn't it great when moms come. Mine was here for two weeks and she just left. It is not the same without her. Your kids are so cute. It looks like you have a lot of fun on your little outings.