Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Colorado Territory

Last weekend we visited the Colorado Territory with some old friends from college (and when I say old, I mean YOU Mountain Momma! :) Some of you will know exactly what I mean, when I say it was a shpadoinkle day, or few days as it were.

The men got all geeked out in pads and safety equipment (when we really know that Big Red was the only one said equipment might be required for) and they hit the mountain trails. Luckily they/Brett made it through the day without incident and avoided any need to visit the emergency room before returning that evening.
While they were out, what was there for us girls to do? Shopping. Outlet shopping. Oh, and caramel apples...I'm still thinking about caramel apples...and the killer 50% off clearance sales at Old Navy...and caramel apples...
And see this stunning stunning lady? Uh huh, I'm sporting the required Easy Cheese on the face, a "water UNO" type rule applied during our late night card games...
And this equally stunning creature? Yeah, don't put it past me to include a shot of the one who MADE the stinkin' stinky cheese rule. I'll never look at a can of cheese the same.
Stinky cheese covered "Mountain Momma" and "Adolf" at 2 a.m.
Mmmm...and what is the best thing to wake up to in the morning? Bacon. What's better than THAT? Having three men makin' it sizzle for ya!
We had an afternoon picnic and hike here. I don't think that John Denver was full of !/#$ after all, this place was beautiful!
You guys know that Max's twin was only on loan for the picture right? I'd like this sweet baby returned to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.
Oh, ain't this the sweetest shot? I think this lil' pumpkin was pooped from all the shopping the day before. She had terrific shopping stamina never before seen in a toddler, excellent training there Karissa! Seriously, what a little trooper-such a mellow happy baby!
Oh, and the show stopper-check out these two! Max, Sarah Jane, if you two hook up in the future I'd be glad to dig this shot out to put in your wedding video.
Thanks for the fun weekend gang. Thank you also Nana Judy and Papa John for caring for the other lil' squirts while we got away. I know I'm pretty much never going to eat Easy Cheese again in my life, but I'd definately visit the Colorado Territory again, and I'll certainly remember the fun we all had together.
And now, I must go eat a vanilla Zinger.


Blackburns said...

That sounds like fun. I think we are going to visit the Colorado territory sometime next month. I am hoping to see some fall colors.

The Olsons said...

How fun! I need to keep a book of all the Sara Janes. I am a Sara Jane and I know at least ten others. Pretty funny.

Jessica G. said...

Real men wear babies.