Friday, March 5, 2010


Top Ten Highlights from our " To Nevada and Back in a Weekend" weekend:
#10 this foxy little dog whose owner actually circled us a few times in the gas station to make sure we could see his fancy canine.
#9 a jumbo sized box of Junior Mints Brett bought me
#8 looking through my Mom's cupboards in awe at all of the food, my usual routine
#7 bringing home all of the chocolate croissants and other Trader Joe's goods my Mom bought for me, she knows what a girl needs!
#6 being away from my older 3 kids, thanks to Nana and Papa!
#5 soaking in the hot tub and visiting with the fam
#4 not having to eat at McDonalds for an entire roadtrip
#3 In N Out Burger
#2 getting a sweet new minivan which fits my hoard of offspring
#1 meeting my sweet new niece Jordyn, "Baby Jordy" for the first time. Tina, you're lucky to have her because she REALLY wanted to come home with me!


Holly Goodman said...

Ooh! You didn't tell me about the mini-van! I'll have to ask you about it at Jazzercise next week. Sounds like a good trip- anything involving chocolate and getting away from the kids is a vacation to me!

Bre said...

that is one awesome dog!

Christine said...

What a sweet little Jordy! Congrats on a beautiful baby Carson and Tina! I can't believe how much Max is looking like Quinn! Sounds like a fun trip. I'm glad you were able to leave some kiddos at home, what a nice break.

Jessica G. said...

Speaking of In N Out, you have another reason to come and visit me! We have three In N Outs down here now!