Thursday, October 28, 2010

Housework Avoidance

This morning I sucked a nasty boogered metallic pink bead out of Izzy's nose with a straw. Gross, I know. I also saved myself a trip to the doctor, and decided that I'd have a great day afterwards, I mean, what could be worse than putting your mouth to the end of a straw and sucking at a place that mouths and beads have no business going near!?

So, I was right. A good day it is turning out to be. I have one kid at school, two at Grandma Pat's having a Halloween craft day, and that sweet little one is napping as I type. I may or may not have a Dr. Pepper in front of me, and I may or may not also be dipping into the trick or treating candy early. I just received a sweet email from my brother, a box of Halloween goodies from my Mom, and I've had a really great birthday week. Life is good. Thank you everyone for the notes, cards, gifts, etc. Thank you for making me feel special and loved. That's all anyone ever wants on their birthday is to feel remembered, like they matter to someone. It makes sucking slimy beads out of kids' noses really seem trivial, although I'll hold onto that story because I'll want to share it later when Izzy is old enough to realize how funny it is, maybe when she has a kid of her own who likes to stuff strange objects up her schnoz.

So a week or two ago I came across this blog with a list of journaling topics. I've been thinking about how important it is to keep a journal, or to write at least occasionally about life's events and how you feel about them. It helps you remember what you feel, it helps give perspective, it helps get the angry or the mad or the sad out, it helps you work out internal conflicts, and it helps you see your life more clearly, and in your own handwriting. I think too, that writing helps you to sit down and look at your life and see all the good in it, it helps you have a grateful heart. So I do it here on my blog, but during this season I hope too to write in my personal journal about my life at this moment in time.