Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Four of a Kind. . . and working on a full house!

This year on 7-7-07 Brett and I will celebrate our 7th anniversary! With numbers like that we're thinking about hitting Vegas! (if only we had some money to gamble with!

We had this portrait done last month and it makes me happy to look at it-seven years and we're still happy together (and I'll have to say-Brett is HOTTER than ever!!!)

It's amazing to think back about the changes in our lives. . . together we've gotten three college degrees, lived in five different cities, had two amazing kids, and now live in our first home.

Thank you for sharing your life with me Brett. You are an amazing man and I love you so much!


Anonymous said...

I can't argue with that comment, regarding your Hot Husband.

Christine said...

You are right, and that picture of the two of you turned out darling of both of you! Aren't you glad you had it taken now?! Your blog is very creative and fun. Keep it coming. :)

Jessica G. said...

Ummm, I hope that your husband was the anonymous comment up there...might have to get you a big ol' can of whoopin' if not. :)
And I love the picture! But when I think Wendy, I think white go-go boots, a bullet bike, and a guy who thinks it's cool to show off his gun collection on a first date.