Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oh, Baby!

I thought about buying a t-shirt that says, "Yes, I'm Pregnant. And yes, I know how it happens." Oh, and also not telling anyone I'm blood related to until I show up for Caralee's wedding in August sporting the t-shirt and a half-watermelon belly. But, I thought I'd give everyone plenty of notice so that baby Rupper #3 can make it onto your Christmas lists, as she/he will be born around that time! (Tina, this also gives you plenty of time to get knocked up so baby #3 can have a cousin the same age!) Plus, lame as it is to announce it in my blog, at least you all have an even chance of finding out at the same time and nobody can whine about being the last to know!

As it happens, Brett is responsible for poor timing of baby #3. Each time we've had a kid I've conceived in the cycle after Brett has announced that he's ready for a new baby. I'll mention it for months, but once HE says the words, as he did this time- something to the effect of, "I miss having a tiny baby curled up on my chest. We need a new one." BOOM! I'm knocked up! Okay, something else happens in there too but I'll leave those details out! It's happened that way for Anna and Quinn, so when Brett said he wanted one I told him that he'd vocalized it, he said the words and now we were in trouble. . .

Anyway, after I'd gotten over the initial shock of realizing that Christmas dinner for me might be hospital meatloaf and green jello, festive as it is, I realized that I might be harvesting the best Christmas gift ever! A week or two ago Anna asked me when she was gonna get a little sister and I told her she should ask Santa for one. (We hadn't told her at that point that it was in the works) Anyway, she whined that Santa would give her a fake one, a doll, and she wanted a real live baby instead. So, then I told her she should ask Heavenly Father for one in her prayers. She asked me to pull over, as we were driving to her preschool at the time, and she said a little prayer right then and there to get a baby sister! I think she has an inside source, I think she knew before we did and, I won't be surprised if our baby, now 3/4 " in size is a girl after all! Regardless or whether it's a boy or a girl, I think I've taken care of the "big" gift for Christmas for the kids, and for Brett too!!!


Tina Bradshaw said...

Congratulations Wendy!! I'm so excited =)

I do agree with you, but I don't think Carson is ready to give up his dirt bike, snowboarding, surfing, etc. free time just yet. Carson has more hobbies than three people put together =)

See you at the wedding!

Katie said...

Hooray! I am sooooo jealous! I wish Landon would feel the urge! That is so great for you guys!

Jessica G. said...

But you were supposed to wait until *I* was pregnant so we could be chubby together! *pouting*

Oh, and congrats and stuff.

Island Queen said...

Congratulations!!! We're sooo excited for you!!

Send me some pregnancy vibes eh?

Love to you all ...

Island Queen said...

LOL.. I just realized I forgot to sign my name .. it's me Analei :-)

Wendy said...

Analei-I ought to bottle some water from here and send it to you. EVERYONE in my neighborhood is having babies-there are 20 due in our ward this year!!! Crazy huh!?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy!!

Congratulations on the new peanut! And thanks so much for including me in your wonderful stories! It was so great to see you . . . almost a whole year ago now.
I think I'll pass on the baby vibes/water just yet, but do you have any Good Man vibes in there? I could use a little of that!
So glad to see that everything is wonderful in your life!

Love always,

Rachel Fiddyment