Monday, April 21, 2008

Little Known Facts

Sometimes Brett asks me to tell him something about me that he doesn't know, it's led to some interesting story telling... you really have to dig after knowing each other for nine years! Did you know that one time Brett rode a horse in a parade wearing nothing but a loin cloth and an indian headdress? Uh huh! That's right!

Yeah, here is some personal trivia on me, maybe not as incriminating as his:

Quite often when I see random people in public I try to come up with who they are a mix of... for example: I look like a mix of Geena Davis, Sally, from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Pheobe from Friends. Also, Daron Williams on the Jazz team looks like a mix of my brothers Carson and David-a perfect blend of the two, it's true. Brett laughs when I do this but I'll tell ya, I'm pretty right on every time!

I've had several nicknames: When, Wendy Pie, Gwendolyn, The Mailman (not for the same reasons as Karl Malone), Woodstock(I wore every hand-me-down Jill gave me), Wheredy Clipshaw, Hot Mom (I'm conditioning Quinn to call me this when he wants something-it makes me laugh and it makes me happy to help the little guy!), also Weiner (Erin Hopper's Mom called me that-yet another reason to dislike Erin!) and Babe-how Brett usually gets my attention.

I can walk away from a movie or from reading a book when I'm already halfway in the middle. If it sucks it sucks you know!?!

I sometimes judge a book by it's cover. I've read several books just because I liked the jacket.

I hate housecleaning. Hate it. I usually only thoroughly clean if someone is coming over to stay the night. This applies to washing dishes as well. In fact, I hate washing dishes so much that I do them SO SLOW...I carry this from childhood. My Mom and I would fight over why the dishes weren't done, then I'd clean them, but I'd mope and do them ever so slow. Brett usually takes over at our house, he'd rather do them himself than watch me wash like a slug. He usually does all the dishes every night, I'm a very lucky woman!

I lie. I do. I tell lies when someone asks, "Do I look fat in this?" if they really do I'm not saying! It's benevolent so I feel fine about it. P.S. Don't ask me to go shopping with you because I won't tell you what I think. Now if you have a nose monkey or a big nasty zit that needs popping I'll let you in on that, that's for your benefit too! Also, I like to embellish when I tell stories or relay an incident that happened. I exaggerate, but I tell a good story!

So? What don't I know about you?


Daniel Olson Family said...

Wendy, You are hilarious! I like reading your posts. I can't think of anything interesting to write about me. It would take me too long to think, so I won't even try.

Cuddles, Kisses & Tantrums said...

Yeah I remember shopping with ya. I on the other hand do NOT lie. If you are fat, you are fat know what I mean?!

Bytheway, you are one hot mom! good move teaching that to Quinner! I miss you! quit breast feeding all ready and come out and visit me! jk you can bring Izzy too!

Jessica G. said...

I went shopping with you a I am doubting my purchases. :P

And I have my kids refer to me as the Most Beautiful of the Mommas. hehehehe...

Blackburns 18 said...

Hi, we just wanted to let you know that we changed our blogger url name to Sorry for the inconvenience.

Christine said...

Oh the many nick names! I like Wheredy and the Mailman personally! Do you rembember my Wheredy name? I can't remember what it was. Hot Mama is a good one. I think I'll work on that! Thanks for the fun posting!

Anonymous said...

Moroni 8:8