Wednesday, May 7, 2008

April Highlights

I'm glad April is over as I just realized, it's monthly highlight time! With that said, it is also time to pay the mortgage as well. Caralee, if you're reading this, email me later and remind me to do that will ya?
Probably the most recent excitement at our house has been the new swingset we bought last weekend, a little advance purchase on that economic stimulus package! This is it, it's huge, and now I finally have something within the fenced yard to keep the kids from escaping! The only problem now, is that my kids require additional friends to enjoy said swingset with. I'd better get stocked up on Otter Pops.
I posted this picture because sadly, it's the only decoration I have to display between now and, well, fall, but it doesn't matter, Spring is here!!! We'll be outside so much now that it's time to focus on the yard instead of what's going on inside...

Two weeks ago we went shopping for shrubs and bushes for the yard. While I went back to the car to calm Quinn and feed the baby, Brett and Anna continued shopping. They came back with a pair of these hanging flower baskets. Aren't they beautiful!?! Okay, this picture is a poor representation, but I wanted to post my tulips for Mom. I've been so proud each time a daffodil and tulip opened over the past several weeks. I'm just amazed that something I planted actually grew! Maybe there's hope for that garden after all!
This is Quinner and his new hammer. Our ward is sponsoring a pinewood derby open to everyone and Anna and Q worked with Daddy this week to design their cars.
What a proud little boy!
Izzy is growing before our eyes. This month she rolled over for the first time and she grabs at and chews on anything she can. She is still just the easiest sweetest baby ever, I don't know how I got so lucky!

Here is Anna at Baby Animal Days attempting to pet Wilbur.
Ah yes, Brett couldn't stand the sight of his boy riding a pink and purple tricycle so he got the little guy a big boy bike. Aight he cute? Yeah, he still rides the pink bike most of the time though, don't tell his Daddy!
"Somebody's been sleeping in my bed." Here is my little Goldilocks. Quinner has been sneaking out of his bed at night and climbing into mine. A couple of nights a week we find him like this when we head to bed. He's hard to resist snuggling up with and Brett often cuddles in with him until I pull him away and return him to his room.
I remember convening in my parents' bed on Saturday mornings as a kid to snuggle in and watch cartoons. Yep, I even remember all those "mice" that would squeak out under the bed too. We don't have mice, but there are some barking spiders. Two little cuddlebugs.


Jessica G. said...

Love the swing set! Wish we had room for one. Every time we go to Costco, the kids drool over their mammoth contraptions.

And cannot believe Izzy is so big! What're you feeding that kid?

Cuddles, Kisses & Tantrums said...

I will not allow my kids to look at your blog until you update it again. Kaity would die to have a swingset like that. Too bad our backyard is a jungle so I won't let the kids play back there. However I could act like white trash and put it in the front yard. Hmm... I don't think Travis would let me do that! ;)

I miss ya Wendy! Oh and beautiful tulips! I wish those would grow here. I am hoping Travis will order me some cut ones for mothers day. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Happy Mothers day to you! I love ya!