Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Ariann!

I am usually embarrassed every year when I call Ariann for her birthday and realize that I've called a month early, only to forget to call or send a card the following month. I'm crappy when it comes to birthdays, but I never let go of a good friend, and this is one girl worth celebrating, even if I'm a month, or a few days off... (it really is May 21st isn't it???)
Happy Birthday Ariann!!! I'm posting birthday wishes to you for a special day. I'd like to write a few of my favorite things about my good ol' girl, thirty of them as she is 30 this year! Here it goes...

1. Ariann has been my best friend since junior high/high school-my "go to girl" who I call with all my BIG stuff, and who I can call about all the little stuff too. (it's rare to find these kinds of girlfriends, I know, I've looked!)
2. Ariann is judgemental, in a motherly protective cougar sort of way and she will claw the eyes out of anyone who crosses someone she loves.
3. Ariann will tell you when you have a zit ready to burst or a dangling nose monkey-she doesn't want you to be embarrassed, and she doesn't wanna look at the thing and pretend it's not there-it's not her style!
4. Ariann knows a good deal when she sees one. One year she bought me a skirt and when I opened the gift she said something to the effect of, "yeah, it's cute huh? I only paid 3 bucks for it on clearance, now will you wear it tomorrow so I can steal it?" She also steals clothes, but I've never loved that so it doesn't get it's own number.
5. Ariann sometimes returns clothes. You do have to go to her house and dig whatever you want back out from under a pile however.
6. Ariann always lets me cry on her shoulder, even if it's wasted tears over some stupid guy who she knows is stupid. She will also then tell you how stupid said guy is. (Pretty much my whole junior year she was running to get me tissue!)
7. Stove Top stuffing with sour cream, need I say more?
8. Ariann, my diabetic friend, has been known to smuggle cadbury creme eggs home in her bra so her Mom wouldn't find out. (Diane, if you're reading this, it wasn't my idea!)
9. Ariann will dress up in ridiculous clothing and shamelessly strut her stuff in public. I'd post pictures but it would draw too much attention!
10. Ariann isn't shy when it comes to buying bras with high fiber content, the more padded the better!
11. Ariann has an infectious laugh, a laugh that makes you laugh just hearing it.
12. Some of my fondest memories of high school are of my best friend and I lying around on the floor of my bedroom just talking and laughing, talking and laughing all night long.
13. Ariann knows my deep dark secrets and loves me anyway.
14. Ariann and I used to have secret meetings in the library otherwise known as "doctor appointments" to the attendance lady, where we'd try to read exerpts from steamy novels aloud to each other without laughing and we'd end up cracking up, peeing our pants a little bit, and getting seriously dirty looks from the librarian. We nearly got banned from the public library. Ariann, you're trouble!
15. strawberry daquiris in Pam's laundry room and harrassing Chris Miller. Yeah, you remember!
16.Ariann has always stood up for me, even if what someone else was saying was true and it just wasn't nice of them.
17. Ariann has always had a firm testimony of the gospel and has held me up with her faith when mine was lacking. I remember what amazing letters you'd write me during our freshman year Ariann, you'd write just what I needed to hear and you supported me from hundreds of miles away. I know that God loves me because he provided you in my life to help me through some really bad times, and to laugh with me during the good times too. I remember one time when you asked how I knew that there is a God, you are my answer. Your friendship is proof that God exists.
18.you aren't afraid to tell someone if what they're wearing makes them look fat.
19. also, you'll say what alot of people think but don't say. Sometimes you say it a little too loudly, but it's funny nonetheless!
20. you love cheesy love music. Your iPod is probably full of Air Supply, Chicago, and Eric Carmen isn't it?
21. you know how to recycle your paper, Grandma Dot would be so proud!
22. you tell good stories, even if you REALLY REALLY exaggerate.
23. you like to make people feel good...
by telling them that some hot guy is staring at them, only to find out later that said hot guy's friend thought I was constantly checking him out. Yes, remember when you unwittingly made me John Franklin's stalker??? Yeah, that 7th grade crush is hard to break huh? It's okay, we both know he's really gay, a guy that good looking HAS to be gay!
24. You're willing to admit that you had a crush on John Franklin. I never did. Never.
25. You flew back to go to our reunion with me and the best part of the whole thing was just being with you.
26.You know what you want. Yes Travis, if you're reading this, she knew she wanted to marry you since senior Prom night, since Senior Prom night!!! And you get what you want don't you Ariann! You go girl! (P.S. way to go with the iPod Travis, I think Ariann's post shamed many a husband!)
27. Ariann, you are someone who I can be myself with, you don't put on any fronts and you're so fun and easy to be with.
28.you get crazy about funny things, like not going in your yard because a snake might come after you, or wanting to flee Florida for fear that a gator will eat your babies. I think I get this nutty paranoia from you! (this week Brett is going on a river rafting trip and I'm afraid a bear will eat him, I even added into the clause of him going that his travel companions would have to find me a replacement husband should mine meet an untimely death!)
29. I love that you are still my same friend after all these years. Our families may change, our state of residence too, but I am always just a phone call away from someone who loves me. (Hopefully I'll make that call on time this year eh?)
30. I love that you are in your thirties and I'm still in my twenties. You're a freakin' old woman Ariann!!!
I love you Girl! I hope you have a special day!


Cuddles, Kisses & Tantrums said...

I LOVE you Wendy! You are truly my best girlfriend! I laughed and cried all the way through this post! Time flies, yet I can close my eyes and I am instantly transported back to those days! Such good times! Thank you for always being there for me. I am one lucky girl to have you in my life. My wish is for everyone to have a wendy!

Caralee said...

Nice, Wendy--I love that you picked the one wedding picture where I, like Dad, look drunk. :) Haha.