Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My High and Low for Today

The Iz is getting to that squishy, marshmallowy delicious stage of babyhood when you just want to strip the kid down and snuggle up with all of those soft rolls of chub. So, I do. I love this baby, she is such a sweet little thing and at the end of the day, there is nothing better than curling up with my baby girl on the couch. No, I lied, seeing my husband curl up with her-knowing he 's as sweet on her as I am-now THAT is the best! This family thing rocks!

I'm sometimes in awe of the responsibility of raising kids, maybe 'in a panic' is a better way of saying it. I'm in charge!?! I'm the boss!?! Really? Me? But I'm honored too to be trusted to care for these little people for a short time before they go out into the world on their own. It's empowering to know that God trusts me enough to send me these little strong spirits, He must think I'm woman enough for the job of teaching them. I hope He's right!

My high today is realizing that I have the coolest job around-being a "stay at home Mom," I realize too that it's such a rare blessing. Some may think it's selling out on a career, and it might be annoying that all I talk about is my kids, but my work is, quite literally, my life. And, it's a wonderful life. I wouldn't want it any other way.

My low today...hmmmm...it's probably just that I took on all the calories I just burned off working out by eating a few cookies. Not a big deal when you've got such a good high-not to mention a good sugar rush!

What is your high and your low today???


rkchughes said...

I couldn't agree with you more Wend. You said it the best and most eloquently. Being a mom is the best!!

Rupper Family said...

My high is the rack of baby back ribs that I devoured. My low is trying to sleep with a set of recently devoured ribs.

Cuddles, Kisses & Tantrums said...

My high is reading your blog and realizing once again that I am friends with an awesome woman who has priorities like mine!

My low- forgetting to get myself a diet dr. pepper while I was at 7-11!:)

Jessica G. said...

High- knowing I don't have to get in the car at any time this week and drive for endless hours through the desert.

Low- all the laundry that comes from the trips.