Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Dad is Better than YOUR Dad!

Remember bragging about why your Dad was better than anyone elses? Well, my Dad is still better! Here are a few reasons why:

Even though you might make him crazy (and when I say you, I mean Dave) He still doesn't off you. (He might shoot you point blank "on accident" right Kristy? But he generally doesn't lose his cool too often). Nine kids and we all still have our heads attached-that's pretty incredible!

My Dad is one easy-going, laid back kid of guy, looking at this picture you'd think it's because he's usually intoxicated huh? Nope, just so easy going that even his eyelids take it easy-they do in most pictures-unfortunately a few of us kids inherited this trait!

My Dad honors his priesthood. Here he is with us this spring when he came out to join Brett in the the blessing of our new baby Izzy. Dad is always willing to give a priesthood blessing to his kids, I remember him doing so each school year before we started back at school.

My Dad loves to have fun! Here the kids were all jumping on him, playing "Dog pile" like we did when we were little. Even the family dog gets in on the fun!

My Dad is supportive of big decisions, like buying our first home...

Or getting married. He wants to see each of us kids happy in our lives and he tries to show his support to each of us in the way we need it.

What I love most about my Dad lately is watching him interact with my kids. I feel his love for me by the way he treats my children, with kindness, patience, and tenderness. My Dad is not only a great big joker, but he is such a sweet Grandpa to my kids and still a source of strength and an example to me as well. Thank you for all that you do Dad!
I love you!


Cuddles, Kisses & Tantrums said...

Hi Wendy! I think that your dad is awesome too!! I mean how many dads don't even think twice about the neighbors daughter sneaking out of his kitchen with a gallon of milk and creeping up the outside stairs!? Oh such good memories I have!