Monday, July 7, 2008

June Highlights

Uh, in case you weren't aware, the magic starts in Fernley Nevada, in a boarded up shutdown casino. Great huh? This was a stop we made along the drive to Nevada on our way out to the Bradshaw Sisters' reunion. Jill was so nice to fly into AND out of SLC so she could drive out and back with me and the kids-she's the best!
We spent 10 days in Nevada, hangin' with the fam, playing at Tahoe, crafting, eating, hot tubbing, and just relaxing. Here's Quinner with "Gwampa" just swinging and enjoying one another-they're so sweet together!
Jill and Dad organized a surprise 60th Birthday Bash for Mom while we were all in town including several of her friends from long ago. Here is a great shot I got of Mom and her brother David. Mom got a slideshow roast and some really great gag gifts. The party was good fun and quite a shocker for the old lady! We love you Mom! Happy Birthday!!!
Carson and Tina were part of the surprise for the party. I was excited that they came so they could meet their new niece, and because I knew Tina would hold Izzy all night long. Aren't these two cute with a baby? Get on it already you guys!
Here is Anna with her cousin Sara-they had a blast together and Sara was a little Momma to my girl-even reading books and tucking her in for bed-Sara, you're welcome to come stay with us anytime!!!

This is a hike we did early in the month. We gave the kids "bug boxes" (disposable tupperware containers with holes) to hold their finds and they each had a scavenger hunt checklist of things to find along the way. We got these guys to hoof it two miles AND they loved it! I wish I could say that the caterpillars enjoyed the day as much.
Here Anna and her new BFF are posing before the baked potato museum-yep, that's right! Only in Idaho folks! We went to Island Park with Noah and Kaila to their family cabin for a weekend, but we had to stop here along the way because who doesn't love a baked potato???
Here's Quinner trying out one of the Lifferth's toys. He's a natural eh?
The boys and the Tetons. We took "the scenic route" which is a nice way of saying "the extra six hours of drive Brett likes to add on just to avoid driving the same road twice." I was pleased actually-Yellowstone was beautiful and the whole drive was so pretty, AND the kids stayed happy all the way home.
This is just the best-these two kids instantly clicked and played for three days without incident-that's a record for my girl! I love how little kids are effortlessly instant friends with anyone. Thanks again Lifferth's for having us along-we had a blast!


Cuddles, Kisses & Tantrums said...

Finally you updated! :) I was beginning to wonder where you were! Now I see you busy having a great vacation! Looked like a lot of fun! Hey, soon as izzy stops nursing, you should fly out here and hang out with me. I tried to contact pam through a letter I mailed to her parents house. Hopefully she will reconnect then we could all have fun together! Anyway, love the new pictures!

Jessica G. said...

I am totally stealing the bug hunt idea! Great one to keep them interested - and walking.