Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Somehow I managed to not take a single picture of Thanksgiving dinner. There was a turkey, the best sweet potatoes ever, we were gathered with Kathy & her family at Judy's, it was terrific. Thanks Nana Judy!

I did get a lot of other pictures over the weekend. Here is Brett's and John's project-the tire swing. Tire, scavenged from the neighbor's junkyard, er, uh, yard. Rope, stolen and then returned by Brett, cutting by Papa John, and assembly by my tree huggin' husband himself, who did have his insurance card on him but thankfully didn't need it.

Cost to make tire swing, $3, kids using said swing, priceless.

Saturday we went bowling. This is commonly done by the Bradshaw clan, as we all love any excuse to talk about balls and throw or shoot things, but Judy told me she'd only gone once in her life, and John hadn't gone for 25-30 years! We don't know if Grandma K has ever gone (either does she) but we even had her bowl a few frames and we all had a good time!
Logan, Judy, Anna, Quinn, Madison, Izzy, and me.
Here's a shot of Brett and Elizabeth, can you see her chompers in there? Yeah, she's getting big, but she's still just a sweet happy little squirt.

Quinner's birthday was the day after Thanksgiving. He is now 3 and for his birthday he gave us a gift-he now uses the potty all the time because, "I'm big like Kai and the other big kids!" Yeah, I couldn't be happier!
Nana Judy got Quinner a Spiderman cake which he loved. He was spoiled with so many new toys including a set of play tools and toolbox from Daddy, very popular, and Zingo-a picture bingo game for kids-you weren't kidding Jill- they LOVE it!


Bre said...

freak, I can't believe how big Anna and Quinn are. And yes there is snow at our house :( Why can't there just be tons of snow in the mountains and none on the plains?

Jessica G. said...

Tire swing looks fun! My hubby's big weekend project was to get the tv finally mounted on the wall, which he did...but I swear it's crooked...

Kenton and Haylee said...

Love the tire swing. Brett done good! My kid's love those things. Happy Birthday to Quin! You're lucky he decided on his own it was time to be a big boy and use the potty ALL THE TIME. Zack is still struggling and I'm about ready to pull my hair out!

Tracy said...

I am amazed everytime I see your kids pictures! I can't believe how fast they are growing!

Cuddles, Kisses & Tantrums said...

The tire swing brings back sweet memories for me. My grandpa had two at their cabin that we LOVED! I was just about to do a new post myself about our first time bowling last week- but now it will look as though I copied you! :) Oh well, maybe I will still post... or maybe I will just do some more baking!