Monday, November 9, 2009


I've been eating all of my kids' decent Halloween candy when they aren't looking. We all do that right? But there are other things you don't know...

I always eat cookie dough, the raw eggs haven't killed me, which means it's making me stronger right? Raw cookie dough is making me stronger. Huh. Take that MOM!

I have really callused feet, so bad in fact that I'm embarrassed to ever go get a pedicure. I never have.

I LOVE reading The Pioneer Women's blog and I'm pretty sure she and I would be best friends if we knew each other. As it turns out, I think all of her other readers feel the same way.

I neglected my daughter while shopping last week and she fell and split the bridge of her nose open requiring 8 stitches, a few days before we'd scheduled family portraits no less. I think it's a sign. A sign that I should always be allowed to shop alone and I should never have to do family portraits.

I hate having portraits done. Oh the stress. And oh, my googly eyes.

I like helping others when I can but I have a hard time ever letting other people do things for me.

I detest shopping for gifts. I'm a horrible present picker-outer. However, I really dig gift wrapping. I wish Brett would do all of our Christmas shopping right this minute so I could turn on the Carpenters Christmas album and get wrappin'!

I lick the brownie batter spoon, AND I often drink out of the milk carton and eat directly out of the ice cream container.

I drool when I nap.

Also, I hate doing dishes more than any other household chore and I will clean everything around them before touching them. Then, I will leave the dish pile for Brett to clean, because he is much speedier and doesn't mind cleaning if I do the cooking. Yep, he rocks!

I can't watch t.v. late at night without eating ice cream. Western Family's Mudpie is hands down my favorite flav. Why I am out of it right now I do not know...

So, what secrets are you hiding?


Jessica G. said...

I can't spell the word "restaurant" without making a mistake (had to correct it here before posting).

Cuddles, Kisses & Tantrums said...

Oh I have secrets! Do you ever drop something on the floor you were gonna eat, then when it drops, pick it up give that piece to your kid and get yourself a new one? Guilty as charged!

Bre said...

I pick through Naomi's Halloween candy and only eat the chocolate. I never make my bed and often use the smell check method before deciding if clothes need washed.

Holly Goodman said...

I never clean the bathrooms. Maybe once a month- if I get around to it. I'll get the rest of the house spotless, and the bathrooms will be picked up, but getting out the cleaner and actually having a go at it is last on my list!

Christine said...

go get a pedicure! You deserve it and trust me...they've seen worse! :) It will feel soooo good! :)