Friday, June 11, 2010

What's Up

Okay, here are a few pictures of what we've been up to recently.

We finally had family portraits done. Remember how paranoid I was about it? Yeah, well, when we scheduled to do it the weather turned ugly within an hour of portrait time. We headed out early and it was windy, rainy, and FREEZING. We were only out there for 20-30 minutes but Amy took some great shots, thanks Amy, you're the best!

Soccer came and went. It was fun, and now we're on to t-ball...
The kids are in awe of all the critters around this place. Anna wrote a report on Killdeer yesterday after observing a few that are nested in the neighborhood. Izzy is LOVING the horses and "sickens"(chickens) down the road too. She brings carrots to feed them and is the most comfortable of all the kids around animals.
Izzy is also wearing herself out on a daily basis, playing SO hard, then crashing so hard.
Last weekend we were in Payson to attend Maddie's baptism and the kids got to go fishing with Papa John.
I sat back and snuggled this guy.
Quinn did some light reading.
And the girls had a good time.
And we got to meet this little sweetie, Avery, our newest tiny little niece,
who makes my Max look like a monster! A skull crushing monster by the looks of this picture!
Oh yeah, did I mention EVERYONE has been worn out lately? Two of these people are truly asleep in this picture, try to guess who...
Oh, and this Squirt, I know I'm in for it and he isn't even 1 yet! I'm tired just looking at this shot. I know the work I'm in for! Luckily he has that cute smile to smooth over my frustration at whatever mess he's making!
Ah, and my Quinner finished preschool last week. Here he is with Teacher Becky. Teacher Becky gets lots of loves from Quinner. He won the "Ladies' Man" award at school, apparently he's sharing the love with all the shorties there too! Such a sweet boy!
Brett got a new toy last month which all the kids are eager to ride on every chance they get.

And, we sold the Brown Trout to pay for the new Banana on wheels. He's off to muddy up the water for some other lucky family while we take to the mountain. Oh, but we will always have the memories...will we ever!

And we have wizards to entertain us as well. The kids now fit into the capes Jill made for the twins and G.G. painted up some wands for some sorcery. If only the kids knew some magic that clears toys and shoes out of the family room-that would be amazing!Oh, and we FINALLY kicked the pink eye and sinus infections. Now we're just down to one ear infection and two goopy noses. Isn't this the saddest picture? Yeah, my girl recovered from that just to turn around and get sick again. I blame it on the weather. Who knows though, maybe we'll all be better in time for summer, whenever that season decides to show up!


joven said...

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Blackburns said...

Looks like you have been busy, but having fun. Enjoy your summer.

Holly Goodman said...

Nice spam you got there! Hee hee. Anyway, I love the family picture and the one of you and Brett in the post below. Sorry to hear your gang has been sick. BOO! Good luck with that baby- he does look like he's going to be an excellent little mess-maker!

ROFO said...

lovely kids :)

Krystal said...

What a fun, busy and adorable family!!

I LOVE the family picture and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of you and Brett.....BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jessica G. said...

Hey, look! A spam comment up there! It means you're getting rather popular!
Love the family photos. We had to bite the bullet on that, too. Kids looked great but Boo decided she wasn't going to smile. Punk.

Chambers Clan said...

You guys are way too cool! I love the family picture. It turned out great despite the weather. Ours was on Thanksgiving. Thank you digital cameras! Pink eye must be around! We got it too. I love the sleeping faces, I guess Quinn isn't because he has a smile, but I don't know who else?

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