Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Brett!

Happy Birthday Brett! I am so glad your parents decided to keep you despite the little cowboy-booted devil your sister says you were as a child. I think I'll keep you too. No cowboy boots though. (And remember when I asked the other day what we did to deserve Izzy? I think Kristie has the answer!)

Nah really. I think you are the best. The. Best. You are such a laid back guy. Such a good Daddy. Such a thoughtful caring husband. Such a jack of all trades. Who else can whip up a Pottery Barn bunkbed for a fraction of the cost? Who else pounds down ultimate skillets weekly and still manages to lose weight? Who else can sew, juggle, build furniture, repair cars, clean a kitchen in the bat of an eye and answer every question of a four year old boy during a 30 minute drive with patience to spare? Who else can keep their kids captivated nightly with the imaginary adventures of Bob, Bob, and Betty? I could try, but I wouldn't do it right, just ask Anna.

Brett, you are the best husband I've ever had, I really mean it. I hope to never have to replace you. I couldn't find anyone who would know me like you know me. I couldn't find anyone with that same devilish grin of yours either. And let's be honest, there just isn't another guy out there as good as or better than you, not for me anyway. I hope you have a Happy Birthday and know that I love you. I hope you enjoy your birthday getaway with the guys. I'm sure you'll enjoy the gift I got you too. It looks exactly like the mothers day gift you got me. It's yellow, it's in the garage.

Happy Birthday Babe!

I love ya!


Holly Goodman said...

Yes Wendy, you've got yourself a great guy! I want to see the bunkbed! Happy Birthday Brett!

Bre said...

happy birthday Brett! For this special day I dub you king of the echo people.

Cuddles, Kisses & Tantrums said...

oh my gosh that photo of you two is gorgeous! LOVE IT! happy Birthday Brett!

brookeanne said...

Wow! I love that photo. You guys are so photogenic. Tell Brett happy belated birthday for us. We love you guys.