Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random happy moments...

I've been grabbing the camera for ordinary things, lots of them, because I feel like time is flying by and I don't want to forget all the simple moments that make me happy.

First is a shot of Brett and Baby Iz. Brett's giving me a ridiculous look of, "uh, why are you taking a picture of this?" And I of course took the picture because it was a sweet sight for me. I've been gone three nights a week lately and when I come home, there's nothing as wonderful as finding my man snuggled up with our lil' sleeping girl. Brett, you are such a good Daddy!

Here Brett's taking the entire car engine apart to change the starter, not because it was urgent, but because he needed a project to do. Always always, a project! Sexy sweatband eh?
This shot, I didn't even stage. These two are usually fighting over everything and here I caught them, sharing their crayons, their coloring books, even sharing a chair. Lately they've been making forts and playing school-since Anna started kindergarten these two have been playing much better when they're together.
And these last two are of my sweet little "Baby Brownie" -I don't get nearly as many shots of her as I have of the older kids, life just happens around her and I neglect to photograph every cute little thing. I apologize in advance Izzy because your scrapbook is gonna be crap compared to Anna's and Quinn's, I don't have the time or the pictures!

Elizabeth is FINALLY crawling, she has two teeth, and she lights up whenever she sees me-she's MY girl Brett! She's still pretty long and skinny, and still the sweetest happiest baby ever!


Cuddles, Kisses & Tantrums said...

I love that you take pleasure in such simple moments of everyday life! You are a good example of how I should be more often!

Tracy said...

Way to go Wendy, way to take those little moments and celebrate them. What an inspiration!

Caralee said...

Your kids are so freaking adorable. I can't wait for Christmas so that I can snuggle up with Iz. Not Quinn, though--he kicks in his sleep; I'm wise to his otherwise sweet facade. :) Anyway, you need to convince Brett to load up the kiddies and come to the parents' house on the 20th (that's when Jill is arriving) to keep us company and start collecting things of Mom's to take to the shooting range.

Jessica G. said...

Ahhhh...baby! She is getting so big, still can't believe it. And I love the shot of the kiddos coloring together!

Christine said...

Those pics are darling! I wish I was enjoying and loving my little ones this week!
I tagged you....you're it....check out my blog!