Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October Highlights

Here's a little Halloween preview of Izzy, our lil' teddy bear. She's such a little cuddle bug!

I've had a few requests to get some pictures of Izzy on here since she never gets posted. Here she is...

Here are some shots from the fire station open house.

We went to the Hogle Zoo this month over the school break. Unfortunately everyone else in SLC did too but the weather was perfect and it was a great day.

Here's a shot of Brett, pre haircut. He decided to shave his head last week. You won't see any pictures of him for awhile.

Here's a rare shot of these lil' guys. Theyr'e usually at each other's throats but it's sweet when this happens.


Tracy said...

Those kids are so darn cute!

Cuddles, Kisses & Tantrums said...

You and Brett sure know how to make cute babies! Izzy's cheeks are sooo delicious!

Christine said...

What a sweet baby! She has grown SO much since I've seen her last. Wendy, you are lookin' hot girl! Cute pics.