Thursday, October 9, 2008

September Highlights

Nothing noteworthy to any man I know, but last month I weaned my baby. Because nobody really wants a picture to tell that story I've supplied WEEN, a pretty good band instead. I've been away for three nights a week lately and with the coming and going of errands, and Izzy's age I figured now would be the best time. The kid didn't even care, no transitional period for her...only wish my body took it that easily!

"...Who won in the end? I think I did. They underestimated just how much I love bacon."
In case you couldn't tell, these are pictures from a trip we had to St. George with the Smiths and the Hunts this past month. (yes, I pretty much forgot about pictures until the last morning when Brooke gladly posed for me.) Aside from Swiss Days, In and Out burgers, swimming, car injuries, $50 worth of pizza, and terrific deals at the outlets, we all learned so much about pork and the history of swine. We also had fun playing games and laughing into the night. Thanks for a good time guys! I hope we can do it again, and that someone remembers where our time capsule is! Thanks also to Nana Judy for taking Anna and Quinner for us for the weekend!
Another highlight for September, bagels. Brett and I started a tradition of getting bagels on Saturday mornings way back in our college days. We made it to Einstein's last month for some chocolate chip bagels with pumpkin cream cheese and then drove up through the canyon to check out the changing leaves. I think it's a sentimental thing for me because it's something Brett and I always did when it was just the two of us, and it's special now to share it with our kids.
We also made it down to Payson to see the family this month. Brett had to reach his goal of hiking two mountains by the end of the season, so while he hiked Mt. Nebo, Judy and I took the kids to pick raspberries. Our outing wasn't as exciting to the kids as I'd expected, but I really liked picking the berries, and we had some tasty shakes that evening.

And lastly, Peach Days. The Brigham City festival of peaches. I'll admit that I didn't eat anything peachy at the fair. I did however have some most delicious funnel cake. And the kids enjoyed the rides while Brett and I enjoyed the people watching.

So yes, as Brett has pointed out, my memories are mostly linked to food, okay-ALL linked to food! If I could make a scratch and sniff scrapbook of memories though it would be remarkable, and delicious.


Kenton and Haylee said...

LOL, you're hilarious Wendy. I love reading your blog. And who doesn't LOVE food? Good tasting food or bad, you'll always remember it!
I did go to Tai Pan, BUT that doesn't mean I don't want to go again. I really held myself back. There is MUCH more I want, I need. I NEED! So, set up a time for you husband to watch the kids, I'll do the same, and me and you, we're going to Tai Pan. This next week if you want. OK? I'd still LOVE to go with you, so let's make it happen.

Kenton and Haylee said...

Oh, and I do have facebook. It's how I keep in contact with good friends! If you have it, I'll find you.

Rupper Family said...

guess who's leaving town again for a week...yep, I'll be a single Mom again!
Brett, if you're reading this don't worry, I'll have Edward over to keep me company, until McDreamy comes on Thursday night...

Tracy said...

You crack me up Wendy!

Jessica G. said...

Hey, all my memories are linked to food, too.

Christine said...

Sounds like you have been having a fun time. I wish we could have more adventures together! :)